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As you know the Internet is changing every day, at the time this page was made all these sites worked and were children’s sites.  If anyone experiences any problems with any site, please e-mail me so I can remove any sites that have changed.

First in Math



Khan Academy

Learn and practice any level of math.

E-mail account needed to initially set-up account.


Brain Teasers

A site with brainteasers for you to solve. 


Create Your Own Puzzles

A site that helps you create crossword puzzles.


This site has many puzzles on all different levels from preschool up.  Keep looking because there are great challenges for students your age.


Crossword Puzzles


Logical Reasoning

Stained Glass


Walls Logic


Logic Zoo







Problem Solving/Strategy Games

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives






Mancala – an ancient strategy game


Towers of Hanoi – a math puzzle developed in 1883 by a French mathematician






Activities that include problem solving and math practice in all area including fractions, addition and subtraction, multiplication, and division.


Great math problems to solve.


A weekly math challenge to solve.


A great site with many fun math activities. Be sure to try Lemonade Stand.


A daily Set game challenge.


Great problems to solve. - logic




The Fruit Game (NIM)


Daily Sudoku Puzzle


Sudoku Puzzles


More Sudoku Puzzles


Memory Spin



Math Fact Practice

Practice making groups of 10.


Practice making groups of 15.


Addition Practice


Addition and Subtraction Practice: Math Mayhem


A fun way to practice your math facts.


Another fun way to practice your math facts.


Be sure to try Hidden Picture on this site.


Place Value


Math Mystery


Practice your facts and test your speed.


Use addition and solve the puzzle



Multiplication and Division Fact Practice

Solve multiplication problems and see the picture.


Lots of activities at many levels to practice multiplication and division.


Math Mayhem


Multiplication Mystery


Multiplication Practice Problems


Math Mystery


Meteor Multiplication



Practice long division


Long Division/Multiplication





Factors and Multiples


Roast Turkeys - Working with factors and multiples


Grid Game – Working with factors and multiples


Factors and Multiples Cross Out Game


Watermelon Game- using factors and multiples






Square Numbers



Working with Patterns and



Pattern Mania

Crazy Pattern Game


Pattern Quest

Solve the pattern.

Pattern Generator

Solve the pattern problems.

Equation Maze

Put your algebra skills to a test.


Solving equations


Solving more equations


Pre-algebra Equations


Order of Operations


Order of Operations – Hidden Pictures




Function Machine


Function Table


Number Cruncher


Function Machine



Rhino Raider



Place Value

Egyptian Numbers


Chinese Numbers


Write Numbers in Chinese


Mystery Numbers


Magic Squares



Power Lines



Transformations and Tessellations



What is a tessellation?  Check out this site to learn more.


Tessellation Puzzle


Take a shape and watch it tessellate.


Grid Transformations







Shape Sorter – Use Venn diagrams to classify polygons.


Classifying Shapes


Easy Tangram puzzles


Tangram Practice



PBS Tangrams


Another Tangram Site


Block Master – Spatial Thinking





Polygon Playground


Working with pattern blocks.


Perimeter and Area


Advanced Tangrams


Increase your spatial skills while having fun at the same time.


Shape Sudoku


Penta Play

Solve the pentominoe puzzles.




Measuring practice








Airplane Builder




Fence Me In






Coordinate graphing using positive coordinates.


Coordinate graphing using both positive and negative coordinates.


Coordinate Geometry


Coordinate graphing using both the positive and negative coordinates.  Level two and three ask students to give the equation for the line that is graphed.


Coordinate graphing game.




Archaeology Dig


Cartesian Alien


Bike Ride




Driving Angles



Create your own graph


Grapher: Create your own graph


Animal Island Data : Using data


Data Analysis Explorer


Using Venn Diagrams





Fractions Many different games and concepts.



Language Activities

Word Games

Spin and Spell


A site with an online version of a game similar to Boggle.


Word Central


Education  Place


Education Place : Spelling


Word Pyramid


Synonym Toast –Synonym Game - Challenging




Author’s Homepages

Blue Balliett

Book Talk




Dave Pilkey’s Homepage (author of the Captain Underpants Series)


Harry Potter Site


Lemony Snicket





Science Sites

Dino Directory has dinosaurs sorted by their name, time period, body, and habitat.


Science movies that explain many different science concepts.


Widgets – Challenge your brain to create contraptions.


Animal Puzzles


Space Websites



Social Studies

Time Magazine for Kids


This site has biographies of many famous people.


This site shows the stamps of famous people along with a brief biography about the person.


Weekly Reader


Kids Tour of the Whitehouse


This Day In History


State Geography




Learn How to Type










If you have problems with any of these sites, please e-mail me so I can make the corrections:  Mrs. Kowalski



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