WebQuest for Grimm Brotherís Tales




Welcome to the quest of the Grimm Brothers Tales! You are currently studying the novel, The Book of Lost Things by John Connolly with many references to the Grimm Brothers Tales. You have been asked to explore and find background knowledge on the Grimm Brothers through the internet.



You have been asked to explore and find background knowledge on the Grimm Brothers by using the internet. You will visit many different interactive websites where I expect you to explore and navigate in order to answer the questions. You must answer all questions on this page and type your answers into Microsoft Word. Have fun and learn!

 View the following web sites to learn about the Grimm Brothers. Some have games and videos. I expect you to play and watch the videos, but keep an eye on the time.















Questions that will need to be typed into Microsoft Word, MLA format with a header:


http://student.plattsburgh.edu/lafo9336/webque2.gif††† 1.List 4-5 of the titles of tales the Grimm Brotherís wrote and are the most familiar to

††††††††††††† you or that you have read,

  1. List 4-5 titles that you have never read.
  2. Select one title that you believe are familiar with and read it. List at least three

†††† †††††differences in the story you read from the one you know.

  1. When and where was the Grimm Brothers Born?
  2. What college did the brothers attend?
  3. What did the brothers study in college?

7.         What are the Brothers full names?

8.            What was the title of their first published book of fairy tales?

9.            How close to the Grimm Brotherís version of the tale are the videoís? (http://www.speakaboos.com/stories) Ė make sure you select a Brothers Grimm tale. What did you think? note any differences ( and YES there ARE differences)

10.        Complete a game (http://www.speakaboos.com/game/trivia/authors) and print your score

†† †††††††( Control + Print Screen on your keyboard) from the website and include it with or in your word document.