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At-Home Cooking Assignment

Healthy Breakfast Options & Yeast Breads


Directions: Complete each of the following project requirements. This project will count as 25% of your overall nine-week grade.

q       Use a cookbook or the Internet to find a recipe for either a healthy breakfast item or a yeast bread item.

o        The recipe must require at least 5 ingredients use your cooking skills!

q       Prepare this food item at home.

o        Take at least 5 pictures of yourself making the food item

q       Have a parent or guardian write and sign a note which evaluates your performance preparing this food item and your actions in the kitchen.

q       Bring the food item to school on ___________________________

q       Present your food item to the class and allow each student to sample it.

o        There must be enough of the food item for everyone to sample!

q       Write a paragraph explaining your experience and include the following information:

o        Where did you find your recipe?

o        Why did you choose this recipe?

o        Answer one of the following depending on your chosen recipe:

         Explain why the item you prepared would be considered a healthy breakfast item.

         Explain the steps you took to activate the yeast.

o        Would you prepare this item again? Why or why not?

o        What ingredients did you have to purchase at the grocery store and which ingredients did you have at home already?

o        What kitchen tools did you use to prepare this item?

o        What steps did you take to clean up the kitchen at home?

What to turn in:

q       A copy of the recipe this must be typed!

q       A note from a parent or guardian signed (this can be handwritten)

q       5 pictures of yourself making the food item

q       The food item


Paragraph summary this must be typed!