Learn to Type Sites


Click the Bubble

Mouse Practice

Decorate the Doll House

Click and Drag Practice


Mouse Skills Activities


Click and Count Game!

Build a House

Click and Drag Practice

Jumping with Cow

Letter sounds and Mouse Skills


ABCya! Keyboard Challenge | Learn the Keys Game

Description: Description: abcya_banner_08.png

Click and drag to place the keys correctly on the keyboard.


Key Seeker (for Kindergarten)

This typing site is free because it allows ads but it has a nice variety of arcade-style typing games


††††††††††††††††††††††††† Description: Description: MCj04298210000[1]

Type a letter on the keyboard and it lights up on the screen.Good for beginners

Description: Description: MPj04388650000[1]


Dance Mat Typing - Home

Description: Description: ind_animal_goat.gif

Spoken word lessons & practice

Great learn to type site

Peterís Online Typing Lessons

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Laptop Language Keyboarding

(Thanks to Ms.Waltersí class!)


*Typing Club

*Typing Web

Good Typing


*Typing Cluband Typing Web have teacher sites that allow you to set up classes.

Keyboarding Technique Checklist




Requires Flash Player


Keyboard Climber

Help the monkey earn bananas!

Description: Description: MCj04382010000[1]



American Girl Typing gameDescription: Description: MCj04242060000[1]

Type words to earn points

Typing Playground

Variety of games for intermediate to advanced

Description: Description: Keyboarding.jpg

Typing lessons and games


Description: Description: MCj02334160000[1]

Spell Dictator

Type the words-Intermediate to advanced typists

Description: Description: MPj03167790000[1]


Typing Adventure

Game to practice your skills

Alphabetic Rain

Game to practice your skills

Type Rocket

Challenge Activity


Typing Defense

Description: Description: AG00356_

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Fast Typer



advanced game

plays in Chrome