Toadally Toads


2 tadpoles                          3 tadpoles 

2 weeks later 

            our tadpole


These tadpoles were found in Mrs. Roush’s friend’s pool cover. She is almost sure that they are toad tadpoles.

We have them in a container in our classroom.


toad eggs

Reproduction and Care of Young    toadeggs.jpg 
Eastern American toad males mate with more than one female. In Ohio, breeding activity reaches its peak in April and May. Eggs, resembling long spiral tubes of jelly, are laid in water. After 3 to 12 days, a small nearly black tadpole emerges from the egg. Immature Eastern American toads then go through a process known as metamorphosis, where over a period of 50 to 60 days the body transforms in shape and matures, resulting in a change from a limbless, waterborne tadpole to a four-legged animal capable of living on both land and water. From the time the eggs are laid, young toads are on their own; they receive no parental care from the male or female adults.

Habitat and Habits
The Eastern American toad requires both land and water habitats; it prefers shallow bodies of water, such as temporary pools, ditches, or shallow portions of streams, for breeding. On land it seeks hiding places under boardwalks, flat stones, logs, wood piles or other similar cover.

The Eastern American toad is nocturnal (active at night). It hibernates during the winter.

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toad eggs 

toad eggs 

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toad eggs

toad eggs