Hate being in the 'standards' rut?  Below are some ideas how to energize your classroom with activities, techniques, and strategies that focus on creativity, innovation, and going against the grain!  Click on the icon to the left of each idea for further explanations, links, or videos.  Want to respond or add to the list?  Visit the Nourish Innovation blog. 

Focus on the individual's strengths, interests, and gifts

Communicate with other innovative schools, students, and teachers - especially from other countries

The Definition of Innovation

Idea Generation Techniques

Creativity / Innovation Links

  • IDEO
    A company that prides itself in helping organizations innovate through design

  • Aptera
    The look of cars to come...soon

  • Innovation Tools
    Innovation Tools provides entrepreneurs and innovators with a focused, growing collection of the best resources on business innovation, creativity and brainstorming

  • Inventors Hall of Fame
    Akron, Ohio

    The Innovise Guys
    All podcasts of a couple funny guys interviewing different people about creativity and innovation.  Worth a look and a listen

  • An Introduction to Innovation
    Simple slideshow that covers some key points about innovation

  • More links...



Classroom Creativity Links

Lessons and Resources


Technology Tools

Book List

Some great books on creativity, innovation, conflict, and creating meaningful work spaces



Mostly quotes from the books in the list above


Having problems with the bosses?

It's one thing to improve your instructional strategies by including creativity and innovation in your classroom, it's quite another thing to have to fight or defend this strategy.


Professional Links


eTech preparation - The map of my mind


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