Ackerman, Karen The Leaves in October After her mother leaves them, nine-year-old Livvy struggles to understand and forgive as her father loses his job and takes her and her younger brother to live in a shelter for homeless people.  970            Parkside
Adams, Douglas Salmon of Doubt - In a way that none of his previous books could,The Salmon of Doubtprovides the full, dazzling, laugh-out-loud experience of a journey through the galaxy as perceived by Douglas Adams. From a boy’s first love letter (to his favorite science fiction magazine) to the distinction of possessing a nose of heroic proportions; from climbing Kilimanjaro in a rhino costume to explaining why Americans can’t make a decent cup of tea; from lyrical tributes to the sublime pleasures found in music by Procol Harum, the Beatles, and Bach to the follies of his hopeless infatuation with technology; from fantastic, fictional forays into the private life of Genghis Khan to extended visits with Dirk Gently and Zaphod Beeblebrox: this is the vista from the elevated perch of one of the tallest, funniest, most brilliant, and most penetrating social critics and thinkers of our time.

1120                           WHS
Adams, Douglas Mostly Harmless - It’s easy to get disheartened when your planet has been blown up, the woman you love has vanished due to a misunderstanding about space/time, the spaceship you are on crashes on a remote and Bob-fearing planet, and all you have to fall back on are a few simple sandwich-making skills. However, instead of being disheartened, Arthur Dent makes the terrible mistake of starting to enjoy life a bit–and immediately all hell breaks loose. 970                       LBMS
Adams, Richard Tales from Watership Down - More than two decades after the publication of his acclaimed classic, "Watership Down", author Richard Adams finally returns to the vivid and remarkable animal world he so masterfully imagined in his earlier work. Here again are Fiver, Bigwig, Hazel, Dandelion--all the victorious heroes of the apocalyptic battle against the evil General Woundwort--as well as a host of endearing new characters and the great champion of rabbit myth, El-ahrairah, in a wonderful collection of new adventures that will delight the millions of "Watership Down" fans, and create many more. 960                                      WHS
Aiken, Joan Wolves of Willoughby Chase - Wicked wolves and a grim governess threaten Bonnie and her cousin Sylvia when Bonnie's parents leave Willoughby Chase for a sea voyage. Left in the care of the cruel Miss Slighcarp, the girls can hardly believe what is happening to their once happy home. The servants are dismissed, the furniture is sold, and Bonnie and Sylvia are sent to a prison-like orphan school. It seems as if the endless hours of drudgery will never cease.  With the help of Simon the gooseboy and his flock, they escape. 1020                             Park/ Bass/ Dover
Alcott, Louisa May Little Women - LITTLE WOMEN concerns the lives and loves of four sisters growing up during the American Civil War, and was based on Alcott's own experiences as a child in Concord, Massachusetts.  1010                     LBMS
Alcott, Louisa May The Inheritance -Louisa May Alcott, who spent much of her childhood amid an intellectual circle that included Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry Thoreau, and Nathaniel Hawthorne, embarked on her own literary efforts at an early age. Her recently discovered first novel, The Inheritance, written when Alcott was just 17, offers readers a fascinating look at the birth of a remarkable career.
Influenced by the melodrama of the contemporary theater, the sentimental romances she read as a child, and the popular gothic novels of the time, Alcott weaves a tale far removed from the reality of her everyday life in Boston. The Inheritance, set in an English country manor, is the story of Edith Adelon, an Italian orphan brought to England by Lord Hamilton as a companion for his children. With a charm reminiscent of Jane Austen's novels, Alcott's plot sets love and courtesy against depravity and dishonor -- and with the help of a secret inheritance, allows virtue to prevail.
1240                     WHS
Alcott, Louisa May Little Men - At Plumfield, an experimental school for boys, the little scholars can do very much as they please, even slide down banisters. For this is what writer Jo Bhaer, once Jo March of Little Women, always wanted: a house “swarming with boys…in all stages of…effervescence.” At the end of Little Women, Jo inherited the Plumfield estate from her Aunt March. Now she and her husband, Professor Bhaer, provide their irrepressible charges with a very different sort of education—and much love. In fact, Jo confesses, she hardly knows “which I like best, writing or boys.” Here is the story of the ragged orphan Nat, spoiled Stuffy, wild Dan, and all the other lively inhabitants of Plumfield, whose adventures have captivated generations of readers.
1260                                Hilliard
Alexander, Alma Worldweavers - Gift of the Unmage… - Great things have been expected of Thea, the seventh child of two seventh children. Now, with Cheveyo, a mage, Thea has begun to weave herself a new magical identity, infused with elements of the original worlds. But back home, Thea keeps her abilities hidden and attends the Wandless Academy, the one school on Earth for those who have no apparent magical talent. It is there that Thea realizes that her enemies are hungrier and more dangerous than she knew. What's more, her greatest strength may be the powerlessness she has resisted for so long. 1010                                    LBMS
Allende, Isabel City of the Beasts - Fifteen-year-old Alexander Cold is about to join his fearless grandmother on the trip of a lifetime. An International Geographic expedition is headed to the dangerous, remote wilds of South America, on a mission to document the legendary Yeti of the Amazon known as the Beast. But there are many secrets hidden in the unexplored wilderness, as Alex and his new friend Nadia soon discover. Drawing on the strength of their spirit guides, both young people are led on a thrilling and unforgettable journey to the ultimate discovery.  1030                      LBMS
Allende, Isabel Kingdom of the Golden Dragon - Alexander Cold and his best friend, Nadia, the heroes of Allende's City Of the Beasts, are reunited in a new adventure. This time, Alexander's fearless grandmother and International Geographic are taking them to another remote niche of the world -- a forbidden kingdom tucked into the frosty peaks of the Himalayas. Their task: to locate its fabled Golden Dragon, a sacred statue and priceless oracle, before it is destroyed by the greed of an outsider.
With the aid of a sage Buddhist monk, his young royal disciple, and a fierce tribe of Yeti warriors, and armed with the power of their totemic animal spirits, Alexander and Nadia fight to protect the holy rule of the Golden Dragon.

1080                             LBMS
Alphin, Elaine The Perfect Shot -Brian uses basketball to block out memories of his girlfriend and her family who were gunned down a year ago, but the upcoming murder trial and a high school history assignment force him to face the past and decide how far he should go to see justice served. 990 LBMS
Alvarez, Julia How the Garcia Girls Lost their Accents -Julia Alvarez's brilliant first book of fiction sets the Garcia girls free to tell their irrepressibly intimate stories about how they came to be at home -- and not at home -- in America.

950                 WHS
Anderson, M.T. Kingdom of the Waves - Fearing a death sentence, Octavian and his tutor, Dr. Trefusis, escape through rising tides and pouring rain to find shelter in British-occupied Boston. Sundered from all he knows — the College of Lucidity, the rebel cause — Octavian hopes to find safe harbor. Instead, he is soon to learn of Lord Dunmore's proclamation offering freedom to slaves who join the counterrevolutionary forces.

1060                                    WHS
Anderson, M.T. Pox Party - Young Octavian is being raised by a group of rational philosophers known only by numbers -- but it is only after he opens a forbidden door that learns the hideous nature of their experiments, and his own chilling role them. Set in Revolutionary Boston, M. T. Anderson’s mesmerizing novel takes place at a time when Patriots battled to win liberty while African slaves were entreated to risk their lives for a freedom they would never claim.  1090                                       WHS
Anderson, M.T. Astonishing Life of Octavian Nothing - Fearing a death sentence, Octavian and his tutor, Dr. Trefusis, escape through rising tides and pouring rain to find shelter in British-occupied Boston. Sundered from all he knows — the College of Lucidity, the rebel cause — Octavian hopes to find safe harbor. Instead, he is soon to learn of Lord Dunmore's proclamation offering freedom to slaves who join the counterrevolutionary forces. 1090                                  WHS
Anderson, Sherwood Winesburg, Ohio - Winesburg, Ohio was inspired by Sherwood Anderson's early life experiences growing up in Ohio. This frank realistic portrayal of small town life brought the novel into the twentieth century. The influence of this book cannot be overstated. Writer's as diverse as Ray Bradbury, Amos Oz, and Henry Miller, and F. Scott Fitzgerald were deeply influenced by this American classic.    1050                                WHS
Anne Frank House Anne Frank in the World  (Nonf) - Over 225 photographs record Anne Frank's world, documenting the rise to power of Hitler and the Nazi Party, whose systematic elimination of over six million Jews included Anne Frank and her family.
1140                       LBMS
Anonymous Go Ask Alice - In the 35 years since its original publication, this acclaimed, bestselling diary-format account of a teenage girl's harrowing descent into the nightmarish world of drugs has left an indelible mark on generations of teens readers. 
1010                              LBMS
Arnold, Louise Golden and Grey - Grey Arthur is a ghost who can't figure out where he belongs. When a trick of fate creates an instant connection between them, Grey Arthur discovers what he is meant to be: Tom's invisible friend!  It seems like such a good idea -- Grey Arthur can make sure Tom always has his homework in class and protect him from bullies, and Tom never has to know. But when an accident gives Tom the ability to see and communicate with the ghost world, chaos breaks loose. Now everyone wants a piece of Tom, and Grey Arthur is the only one who can help him!

1000                          Bass/ Park
Austen, Jane Emma - For Emma, raised to think well of herself, has such a high opinion of her own worth that it blinds her to the opinions of others. The story revolves around a comedy of errors: Emma befriends Harriet Smith, a young woman of unknown parentage, and attempts to remake her in her own image. Ignoring the gaping difference in their respective fortunes and stations in life, Emma convinces herself and her friend that Harriet should look as high as Emma herself might for a husband--and she zeroes in on an ambitious vicar as the perfect match. At the same time, she reads too much into a flirtation with Frank Churchill, the newly arrived son of family friends, and thoughtlessly starts a rumor about poor but beautiful Jane Fairfax, the beloved niece of two genteelly impoverished elderly ladies in the village. As Emma's fantastically misguided schemes threaten to surge out of control, the voice of reason is provided by Mr. Knightly, the Woodhouse's longtime friend and neighbor.  1070                                              WHS
Austen, Jane Pride and Prejudice -  In early nineteenth-century England, a spirited young woman copes with the suit of a snobbish gentleman, as well as the romantic entanglements of her four sisters.

1100                                  LBMS
Austen, Jane Persuasion - Anne Elliot, daughter of the snobbish, spendthrift Sir Walter Elliot, is a woman of quiet charm and deep feelings. When she was nineteen, she fell in love with–and was engaged to–a naval officer, the fearless and headstrong Captain Wentworth. But the young man had no fortune, and Anne allowed herself to be persuaded, against her profoundest instinct, to give him up.Now, at twenty-seven, and believing that she has lost her bloom, Anne is startled to learn that Captain Wentworth has returned to the neighborhood, a rich man and still unwed. Her never-diminished love is muffled by her pride. He seems cold and unforgiving. Even worse, he appears to be infatuated by the flighty and pretty Louisa Musgrove. 1120                       WHS
Austen, Jane Sense and Sensibility - When two sisters appear to be deserted by the young men they had intended to marry, the stage is set for a delicious comedy of manners that not only showcases Austen's perception, humor and incomparable prose, but offers a splendid glimpse of upper and middle-class English society of the early 19th century.
1180                                   WHS
Austen, Jane Mansfield Park - A young girl named Fanny Price comes to live with her wealthy uncle and aunt, Sir Thomas and Lady Bertram. Fanny's family is quite poor; her mother, unlike her sister Lady Bertram, married beneath her, and Fanny's father, a sailor, is disabled and drinks heavily. Fanny is abused by her other aunt, Mrs. Norris, a busybody who runs things at Mansfield Park, the Bertrams' estate. The Bertram daughters, Maria and Julia, are shallow, rather cruel girls, intent on marrying well and being fashionable. The elder son, Tom, is a roustabout and a drunk. Fanny finds solace only in the friendship of the younger son, Edmund, who is planning to be a clergyman. Fanny grows up shy and deferential, caught as she typically is between members of the Bertram family.

1180                                  WHS
Bagdasarian, Adam Forgotten Fire - Based on the true story of an Armenian boy who survives the near-extermination of his race. It is 1915 and Vahan Kendarian, the pampered youngest son of one of the most influential Armenian families in Turkey, is confident that his privileged world will always include the house he loves, the laughter of his brothers and sisters, a sense of belonging. But when his uncle disappears and his father is taken away, when two brothers are shot before his eyes in the family garden, Vahan's world shatters. In the next three weeks he will lose his home and know hunger and thirst for the first time. In the next three years he will become an orphan, a prisoner, a beggar, a servant, a stowaway in order to survive.  And he will discover inside himself reserves of strength and courage he did not know existed.

1050                         LBMS
Barnes, John Tales of the Madman Underground - In September 1973, as the school year begins in his depressed Ohio town, high-school senior Kurt Shoemaker determines to be "normal, " despite his chaotic home life with his volatile, alcoholic mother and the deep loyalty and affection he has for his friends in the therapy group dubbed the Madman Underground. 1040                            WHS
Barron, T.A. Ancient One - When Kate travels to Blade, Oregon, for a quiet week at Aunt Melanie's cottage, her plans are dashed by the discovery of a grove of giant redwood trees in nearby Lost Crater. For thousands of years, no humans have entered the fog-filled crater—except possibly the Halami people, who lived in the region centuries ago before vanishing without a trace. Long a source of deep mystery, the crater is now a source of conflict, pitting those who see it as the dying mill town's last hope against those who see it as a rare sanctuary that should be protected.

910                          LBMS
Baum, L. Frank Wizard of Oz -After a cyclone transports her to the land of Oz, Dorothy must seek out the great Wizard in order to return to Kansas.  As Dorothy journeys down the yellow brick road to the Emerald City, hoping the Great and Terrible Wizard who lives there will help her return home, she shares adventures with the famous trio of characters, defeats a wicked witch, and learns about the power of friendship, loyalty, and self-confidence.

1000                                  Hill/ Park
Bissinger, H.G Friday Night Lights (non fiction) - The Permian Panthers of Odessa--the winningest high-school football team in Texas history. Odessa is not known to be a town big on dreams, but the Panthers help keep the hopes and dreams of this small, dusty town going. Socially and racially divided, its fragile economy follows the treacherous boom-bust path of the oil business. In bad times, the unemployment rate barrels out of control; in good times, its murder rate skyrockets. But every Friday night from September to December, when the Permian High School Panthers play football, this West Texas town becomes a place where dreams can come true.
1260                LBMS
Blackwood, Gary Second Sight - In Washington, D.C., during the last days of the Civil War, a teenage boy who performs in a mind reading act befriends a clairvoyant girl whose frightening visions foreshadow an assassination plot. 930 LBMS
Blais,  Madeleine In these girls hope is a muscle (non-fiction)- They were a talented team with a near-perfect record but a reputation for choking in the crunch of the state playoffs. Finally, after five straight years of disappointments,the Amherst Lady Hurricanes found they just might have what it took to go all the way. This is a fierce, funny, and intimate look into their minds and hearts during one very special season. 1150                  LBMS
Block, Francesca Lia Weetzie Bat - Weetzie, now 23, is a child of Hollywood who hated high school but loves the memories of Marilyn Monroe and Charlie Chaplin, plastic palm-tree wallets, and the roller-skating waitresses at Tiny Naylor's. She wears a bleached-blond flattop and Harlequin sunglasses, covers her '50s taffeta dresses in glittery poetry, and sews fringe down the sides of her minis in sympathy with the plight of the Indian. Nobody understands her, least of all her divorced bicoastal parents, until she meets Dirk, who takes her slamdancing at the hot clubs in L.A. in his red '55 Pontiac. When he tells her he's gay, they decide to go "duck-hunting" together. He meets his ideal blond surfer, and Weetzie finds her Secret Agent Lover Man. They all move in together, make movies that become underground successes, and have a baby. This recreates the ambiance of Hollywood with no cynicism, from the viewpoint of denizens who treasure its unique qualities. Weetzie and her friends live like the lillies of the field, yet their responsibility to each other and their love for the baby show a sweet grasp of the realities that matter.  960                               WHS/      LBMS
Blos, Joan Letter from the Corrugated Castle - Thirteen-year-old Eldora has always believed that her mother died when she was very little, and for nine years she has lived with people that she calls Aunt and Uncle. The year is 1850, and all three have exchanged their quiet lives in New Bedford, Massachusetts, for new ones in San Francisco, the rapidly growing city that is the heart of the California Gold Rush. Shortly after their arrival, they receive a letter from an unknown woman who believes she is Eldora's mother. She is eager to meet her long-lost daughter, and a visit is arranged. As Eldora deals with her conflicting feelings about this news, she must also adjust to the challenges -- and dangers -- of living in a brash and growing city. She finds herself teaching English to two Mexicano children and beginning to learn Spanish, and an unlikely friendship with a boy named Luke introduces her to the hard, sometimes humorous, and often violent world of the mining camps. Every day seems to bring something different and new to consider. But can Eldora discover where -- and to whom -- she belongs? 1000                                    Parkside
Blos, Joan Gathering of Days - The journal of a 14-year-old girl, kept the last year she lived on the family farm, records daily events in her small New Hampshire town, her father's remarriage, and the death of her best friend.
960                                                LBMS
Boston, Lucy M. Treasure of Green Knowe - A young boy listens to his great-grandmother's tales of Green Knowe as it used to be and, gradually, as past and present blend, he shares the strange adventures of the former inhabitants.
990                           Hilliard
Boyne, John Boy in the Striped Pajamas - When Bruno returns home from school one day, he discovers that his belongings are being packed in crates. His father has received a promotion and the family must move from their home to a new house far far away, where there is no one to play with and nothing to do. A tall fence running alongside stretches as far as the eye can see and cuts him off from the strange people he can see in the distance.  But Bruno longs to be an explorer and decides that there must be more to this desolate new place than meets the eye. While exploring his new environment, he meets another boy whose life and circumstances are very different to his own, and their meeting results in a friendship that has devastating consequences.
1080                       WHS
Brockmeier, Kevin Grooves - From a master of creating slightly offbeat fantasies comes a new kind of mystery--a wacky, dryly entertaining novel in which Dwayne Ruggles discovers a strange, secret message is contained within the grooves of his blue jeans.

960                         Bass/ Park
Brooks, Bruce Cody - Cody -- coach's kid, Wings captain, and high scorer -- plays a mean electric guitar. He and Zip (who plays drums) actually get a gig -- the night before an important early-morning hockey game. Cody knows winning the game would mean a lot for team morale. But the gig would mean a lot of money....

1100                                  Bassett
Brooks, Bruce Boot - The Boot, an 11-year-old right wing, has been playing ice hockey for a while, but the team hasn't been allowed to body check or "hit" until now. The Boot, a foster child, is hesitant about "hitting" because he has been successful at getting goals without getting physical.  1100                         Bassett
Brooks, Bruce The Moves Make the Man - A black basketball player and an emotionally troubled white shortstop form a precarious friendship.

1150                        LBMS
Brooks, Bruce Zip - Zip, the Wings' dynamic, rude goalie, has practically grown up on the ice with his best friend Kenny Moseby. Then Moseby, the team's best player, deserts to star for a rival club. Zip can't help taking it personally. But somehow he's got to turn his anger and hurt into great goaltending -- before the Wings slide into the most humiliating record in league history.

990                      Bassett
Brooks, Terry Sword of Shannara - Long ago, the wars of the ancient Evil ruined the world. In peaceful Shady Vale, half-elfin Shea Ohmsford knows little of such troubles. But the supposedly dead Warlock.Lord is plotting to destroy everything in his wake.The sole weapon against this Power of Darkness is the Sword of Shannara, which can be used only by a true heir of Shannara. On Shea, last of the bloodline, rests the hope of all the races.Thus begins the enthralling Shannara epic, a spellbinding tale of adventure, magic, and myth...

1220L            LBMS
Brooks, Terry Ilse Witch - When a half-drowned elf is found floating in the seas of the Blue Divide, an old mystery resurfaces. Thirty years ago, an elven prince led an expedition in search of a legendary magic said to be more powerful than any in the world. Of all those who set out on that ill-fated voyage, not one has ever returned. Until now. The rescued elf carries a map covered with mysterious symbols-and Walker Boh, the last of the Druids, has the skill to decipher them. But someone else understands the map's significance: the Ilse Witch, a ruthless young woman who wields a magic as potent as his own. She will stop at nothing to possess the map-and the magic it leads to.

950                            WHS
Brown, Jackie Little Cricket - Twelve-year-old Kia Yang-nicknamed "Little Cricket"-has always lived among her extended family in their tiny Laotian village. But their peaceful lives are shattered one day when North Vietnamese soldiers destroy much of their village, and Kia and her family are forced to escape the encroaching war. After three years in a Thai refugee camp, they finally receive heartbreaking news: only Kia, her brother, Xigi, and their grandfather may emigrate to America. In Minnesota, Kia is overwhelmed by her new life, isolated by culture and language. It is only when Xigi gets into big trouble and Grandfather becomes ill that Kia discovers that they are not as alone as she thought-and that others are more isolated than she'd realized. Set in Laos and Minnesota in the 1970s.

1010                              Parkside
Bryant, Jennifer Fortune of Carmen Navarro - Carmen Navarro rings up customers at the Quikmart, bored to tears. It’s a job, and she needs it. But Carmen’s true love is music: she dropped out of high school to sing with the Gypsy Lovers and land a recording contract, someday. Just a few miles away, Ryan Sweeney hunches over his books, a studious cadet with his eye on West Point. There’s not a single girl at the Valley Forge Military Academy, and that’s fine by him.
But when Ryan, on a day pass from campus, spots Carmen, with her shining black hair and snake tattoo, his pulse quickens. Carmen, who normally rolls her eyes at the stiff Academysoldados,can tell this one is different. She slips him a note: “Come hear my band.” A romance begins, unlikely, passionate . . . and quickly imbalanced. In an enthralling narrative of obsessive love, the novel builds to a stunning close
1010                   WHS
Buckley-Archer, Linda Gideon the Cutpurse - 1763. Gideon Seymour, cutpurse and gentleman, hides from the villainous Tar Man. Suddenly the sky peels away like fabric and from the gaping hole fall two curious-looking children. Peter Schock and Kate Dyer have fallen straight from the twenty-first century, thanks to an experiment with an antigravity machine. Before Gideon and the children have a chance to gather their wits, the Tar Man takes off with the machine -- and Kate and Peter's only chance of getting home. Soon Gideon, Kate, and Peter are swept into a journey through eighteenth-century London and form a bond that, they hope, will stand strong in the face of unfathomable treachery.

960                  Park/           Bassett
Buckley-Archer, Linda Time Thief - Chilling discoveries unearthed at a dig for Navajo clay pots bring Lt. Joe Leaphorn and Officer Jim Chee of the Navajo Police to the site and put them on the trail of stolen artifacts, a missing woman, and bizarre and mystifying murders

980                            Parkside
Burnett, Frances Hodgson Secret Garden - Mary Lennox, a bitter and spoiled upper-class child, orphaned in India, is sent back to England to live with her reclusive uncle Mr. Craven at his manor. At first, Mary is "quite contrary" and a scourge of the household, until the gentle magic of the countryside and those who work the earth begins to have its effect on her. Since her uncle is mostly away on travels, Mary begins to run wild, and makes many discoveries on the estate grounds, including a secret walled-off garden that has been locked up and forbidden for anyone to enter. She finds the key by accident when watching the antics of a wild bird, then discovers the hidden door, and starts exploring. 970                        Hilliard/ Parkside
Burroughs, Edgar Rice  Tarzan of the Apes (Classic written in 1915) Tarzan was raised by a fierce she-ape of the tribe of Kerchak, learned the secrets of the wild, and became Lord of the jungle. When men enter the jungle bringing lust, greed and a white woman, Tarzan must choose between two worlds.  1270                             LBMS
Byars, Betsy Midnight Fox -Tom is forced to stay at his aunt's house in the country when his parents go on vacation. Unhappy at first, he slowly learns to appreciate the land and the animals. One day, he finds a fox and her cub, and this unlikely trio forms a close friendship. Tom's adventures with the foxes make his stay in the country go by very quickly, and before he knows it, the vacation is over! 970                         Bass/ Dov/ Hill/ Holly
Byrd, Tim Doc Wilde and the Frogs of Doom - There is never a dull moment when it comes to Doc Wilde and his family of swashbuckling explorers. Brian and Wren have been trained from an early age to keep up with their world famous father. With their driver Declan mac Coul and their butler Phineas Bartlett in tow, there is no obstacle they can’t overcome, no evil they can’t defeat, including mutant frogs from another dimension.

970                          Parkside
Cabot, Meg Princess in Waiting - Never before has the world seen such a princess. Nor have her own subjects, for that matter. Mia's royal introduction to Genovia has mixed results: while her fashion sense is widely applauded, her position on the installation of public parking meters is not. But the politics of bureaucracy are nothing next to Mia's real troubles: isn't there anything she's good at besides inheriting an unwanted royal title?

970                      LBMS
Cervantes,  Miguel  Don Quijote de la Mancha - Outfitting himself in rusty armour and a cardboard helmet, Quijano mounts his old horse and sets out in search of adventures, calling himself "Don Quixote de La Mancha" and his horse - "Rosinante".  1630                       LBMS
Chopin, Kate Awakening and Other Stories - The Awakening explores one woman's desire to find and live fully within her true self. Her devotion to that purpose causes friction with her friends and family, and also conflicts with the dominant values of her time.

1030                        WHS
Cisneros, Sandra Woman Hollering Creek - A collection of stories, whose characters give voice to the vibrant and varied life on both sides of the Mexican border. The women in these stories offer tales of pure discovery, filled with moments of infinite and intimate wisdom.

960                                 WHS
Clancy, Tom Bear and the Dragon - President Jack Ryan faces a world crisis unlike any he has ever known.  A high-level assassination attempt in Russia has the newly elected Ryan sending his most trusted eyes and ears—including antiterrorism specialist John Clark—to Moscow, for he fears the worst is yet to come. And he’s right. The attempt has left the already unstable Russia vulnerable to ambitious forces in China eager to fulfill their destiny—and change the face of the world as we know it.

1060                            WHS
Clancy, Tom Executive Orders - The President is dead--and the weight, literally, of the world falls on Jack Ryan's shoulders, in Tom Clancy's newest and most extraordinary novel.

960                    WHS
Colfer, Eoin Artemis Fowl - When a twelve-year-old evil genius tries to restore his family fortune by capturing a fairy and demanding a ransom in gold, the fairies fight back with magic, technology, and a particularly nasty troll.
930             LBMS
Cooper, James Fenimore Last of the Mohicans -  Deep in the forests of upper New York State, the brave woodsman Hawkeye (Natty Bumppo) and his loyal Mohican friends Chingachgook and Uncas become embroiled in the bloody battles of the French and Indian War. The abduction of the beautiful Munro sisters by hostile savages, the treachery of the renegade brave Magua, the ambush of innocent settlers, and the thrilling events that lead to the final tragic confrontation between rival war parties create an unforgettable, spine-tingling picture of life on the frontier.  1350                            LBMS
Cooper, Susan King of Shadows - Nat Field's short life has been shadowed by loss and horror. His one escape is his talent for acting, and he has been picked by a dazzling international director to perform at Shakespeare's Globe, London's amazing new copy of the theater for which William Shakespeare wrote his plays four hundred years ago.  Brought from all over the U.S., the members of the American Company of Boys begin to rehearse at the Globe. But strange, eerie echoes of the past begin creeping in. Nat goes to bed mysteriously sick -- is it the dreadful bubonic plague of the sixteenth century? He wakes up healthy, but he's no longer in the present, he's in 1599, acting at the original Globe. And his costar is Shakespeare: no longer a vague historical figure, but a quirky, warm-hearted writer/actor whose friendship changes Nat forever. 1010                          LBMS
Cox, Clinton Undying glory (Non-fiction)- As does the recent movie Glory , this book details the history of the Massachusetts 54th Regiment, a black regiment that served with valor and distinction in the Civil War. The account begins with the formation of the unit in 1863 and follows it throughout the remainder of the war.  1190                          LBMS
Crichton, Michael Congo - The legendary ruins of the Lost City of Zinj have seen an eight-person field exhibition die. After startling discoveries, a new expedition is sent back into the Congo--its mission, to descend into the secret world where the only way back out may be through the grisliest death....

940L                LBMS
Cruchter, Chris King of the Mild Frontier (Biog) - Chris Crutcher, author of young adult novels such as "Ironman" and "Whale Talk," as well as short stories, tells of growing up in Cascade, Idaho, and becoming a writer.
1180                     LBMS
Crutcher, Chris Whale Talk - A high-school bus provides surprising sanctuary for seven unlikely swim teammates who are, in the words of their coach, "A perennial road team. Mermen without a pond." These invisible kids resonate because of how the author sees them, believes in them, and lets them speak. 1000                      LBMS
Crutcher, Chris Sledding Hill - Billy Bartholomew has an audacious soul, and he knows it. Why? Because it's all he has left. He's dead.  Eddie Proffit has an equally audacious soul, but he doesn't know it. He's still alive.  These days, Billy and Eddie meet on the sledding hill, where they used to spend countless hours -- until Billy kicked a stack of Sheetrock over on himself, breaking his neck and effectively hitting tilt on his Earthgame. The two were inseparable friends. They still are. And Billy is not about to let a little thing like death stop him from hanging in there with Eddie in his epic struggle to get his life back on track.

1010                           LBMS
Crutcher, Chris Stotan - In the final swimming season at Frost High School Coach Max II Song offers his small but talented team the gift of self-discipline in the form of Stotan Week--a grueling four-hour-a-day, nonstop test of physical and emotional stamina designed to bring them to the outer edge of their capabilities. The four young men accept the challenge-and something none of them could have predicted is set in motion. Stotan! is a humorous, sometimes heartbreaking story about making sense of chaos, about falling in love when it's not in the cards, about friendship and commitment, about life and death.

1020                 WHS
Crutcher, Chris Chinese Handcuffs - When Dillon Hemingway is forced to witness his brother Preston's suicide, his life understandably seems to fall apart. His quest to make it whole again involves Stacy Ryder, Preston's girlfriend, who is left with more than a memeory of Dillon's dead brother, and Jennifer Lawless, a star high school basketball player with a secret too monstrous to tell and too enormous to keep. His antagonist are a vicious cycling gang, a single-minded school principal, and Jennifer's father, a brilliant lawyer with a chilling disregard for human sensitivity. ng to confront. It is also a story of courage and acceptance, told with power and sensibility. 1040L                         LBMS
Crutcher, Chris Ironman - Bo Brewster has been at war with his father for as long as he can remember. Following angry outbursts at school that cost Bo his spot on the football team and move him dangerously close to expulsion, Bo is sent to Mr. Nak's Anger Management Group (which he initially believes to be populated with future serial killers and freeway snipers). There he meets a hard-edged pack of survivors whose own defenses are rigged as high as his. It is here he meets and falls in love with Shelly, a future American Gladiator, whose passion for physical challenge more than matches his. 980L
Curtis, Christopher The Watson's Go to Birmingham - Ten-year-old Kenny and his family, the Watsons of Flint, Michigan, are heading for Birmingham, Alabama, and one of the darkest moments in American history. 1000                             LBMS
Curtis, Christopher Bud, Not Buddy - It's 1936, in Flint, Michigan. Times may be hard, and ten-year-old Bud may be a motherless boy on the run, but Bud's got a few things going for him.  Bud, Not Buddy is full of laugh-out-loud humor and wonderful characters, hitting the high notes of jazz and sounding the deeper tones of the Great Depression.

950                       LBMS
Cushman, Karen Catherine, Called Birdy - Catherine feels trapped. Her father is determined to marry her off to a rich man--any rich man, no matter how awful.  But by wit, trickery, and luck, Catherine manages to send several would-be husbands packing. Then a shaggy-bearded suitor from the north comes to call--by far the oldest, ugliest, most revolting suitor of them all. 1170                    LBMS
Cushman, Karen Midwife's Apprentice - From the author of "Catherine, Called Birdy" comes another spellbinding novel set in medieval England. The girl known only as Brat has no family, no home, and no future until she meets Jane the Midwife and becomes her apprentice. As she helps the sharp-tempered Jane deliver babies, Brat-who renames herself Alyce-gains knowledge, confidence, and the courage to want something from life: "A full belly, a contented heart, and a place in this world."
1240                  LBMS
Cussler, Clive Shockwave - Dirk Pitt® is the world's greatest adventure hero -- a man of action who lives by his wits and daring. As Special Projects Director for the U.S. National Underwater and Marine Agency (NUMA), he is cool and courageous, with a love of fast cars and extreme danger. After an unknown force kills thousands of marine animals plus nearly two hundred people aboard a cruise ship, Dirk Pitt traces the destruction back to a merciless Australian millionaire. From a chilling escape at a high-security diamond mine to a tiny boat adrift on lonely, shark-infested seas, the ingenious Dirk Pitt races to stop a madman's ruthless plans -- before an unthinkable disaster claims millions of innocent lives!

1010            LBMS
Daly, Maureen Seventeenth Summer - Angie always thought high school romances were just silly infatuations that come and go. She certainly never thought she would fall in love over one short summer. But when she meets Jack, their connection is beyond any childish crush. Suddenly, Angie and Jack are filling their summer with stolen moments and romantic nights. But as fall grows closer, they must figure out if their love is forever, or just a summer they’ll never forget.

1130         LBMS
De Mari, Silvana The Last Dragon - In a world shrouded in darkness and continually lashed by rain, a young elf named Yorsh struggles to survive. His village has been destroyed by the torrential waters, leaving Yorsh suddenly orphaned and alone—the earth’s last elf. But soon Yorsh discovers he is part of a powerful prophecy to save the world from the Dark Age that has begun. First, however, the young elf will have to find another orphaned creature—the world’s last dragon.

950           Parkside
Denenberg, Barry Shadow Life; portrait of Anne Frank (Non-fiction)- The complete story of Anne Frank and her family's life, from Frankfurt, Germany, where Anne and Margot were born before the war, up through to their murders at the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. When the Franks leave Frankfurt for Amsterdam, they are hoping to find a place where they can resume a normal life, but instead, the family's freedoms are taken away bit by bit. But it is when they see that other Jews are being taken away, and sent to so-called labor camps that the Franks realize they have no choice but to go into hiding; they live in fear for 2 years.
1000                      LBMS
Denenberg, Barry  Atticus of Rome - Atticus, a young boy who has been torn from his family and home and sold as a slave to a Roman aristocrat, quickly learns that not all is as it seems in the republic of Rome. Politicians and greedy merchants plot against each other, and Atticus must do his best to protect his kindly master...and, in turn, the Emperor of Rome. Murder and lies fill his new life as a spy for Lucius Opimius.
1100             LBMS
Denenberg, Barry When will this cruel war be over? - The peaceful Southern life that Emma Simpson and her family have always known is shattered when the Civil War begins. Emma's father and brother are called to battle, but her family believes the Confederacy will quickly win the War between the States. However, as the months drag on, the harsh realities of war set in: Supplies, medicine, food, firewood, and ink for Emma to use in her diary become increasingly scarce as troops from the North march deeper into the South. Finally, even Emma's home is commandeered by the Yankees. Though she faces many hardships and the horrors of death, Emma never loses hope, and, with a brave spirit, she comes to realize what things in life are most important.

1140                  LBMS
Dessen, Sarah That Summer - Haven feels tall and lost; at 15, she's 5 feet 11 and counting; it feels as if her body has betrayed her and made her a giant--unlike her sister, Ashley, who seems "to live a life just like Barbie's; popular and perfect, always with a handsome boyfriend and the cool crowd." Now Ashley is THE BRIDE. As the wedding hysteria mounts, Haven feels too huge for the pretty pink bridesmaid dress. She imagines herself as Frankenstein, spreading chaos and revenge in the mall where she works. Only Ashley's attractive first boyfriend seems to understand Haven.  1020             LBMS/ WHS
Dessen, Sarah Dreamland - After her older sister runs away, sixteen-year-old Caitlin decides that she needs to make a major change in her own life and begins an abusive relationship with a boy who is mysterious, brilliant, and dangerous.
920              LBMS
Dessen, Sarah That Summer - Haven feels tall and lost; at 15, she's 5 feet 11 and counting; it feels as if her body has betrayed her and made her a giant--unlike her sister, Ashley, who seems "to live a life just like Barbie's; popular and perfect, always with a handsome boyfriend and the cool crowd." Now Ashley is THE BRIDE. As the wedding hysteria mounts, Haven feels too huge for the pretty pink bridesmaid dress. She imagines herself as Frankenstein, spreading chaos and revenge in the mall where she works. Only Ashley's attractive first boyfriend seems to understand Haven.  1020             LBMS/ WHS
Dessen, Sarah Dreamland - After her older sister runs away, sixteen-year-old Caitlin decides that she needs to make a major change in her own life and begins an abusive relationship with a boy who is mysterious, brilliant, and dangerous.
920              LBMS
Diamant, Anita Red Tent - Her name is Dinah. In the Bible, her life is only hinted at in a brief and violent detour within the more familiar chapters of the Book of Genesis that are about her father, Jacob, and his dozen sons. Told in Dinah's voice, this novel reveals the traditions and turmoils of ancient womanhood-the world of the red tent. It begins with the story of her mothers-Leah, Rachel, Zilpah, and Bilhah-the four wives of Jacob. They love Dinah and give her gifts that are to sustain her through a damaged youth, a calling to midwifery, and a new home in a foreign land.

1010                           WHS
Dickinson, Peter Eva - The picnic on the beach is Eva's last memory.  Following a terrible car crash, Eva, 14, awakens from a strange dream and finds herself in a hospital bed. Medical science, in this book's future setting, has allowed doctors to pull her functioning brain from her crushed body and put it into the able body of a chimpanzee. With the aid of a voice synthesizer, she communicates with others and adjusts to her new body. 1010                        LBMS
Douglass, Frederick                   Escape from Slavery: the boyhood (Biog) Escape from slavery: the boyhood  (Biography)- Born a slave in Maryland in about 1817, Frederick Douglass never became accommodated to being held in bondage. He secretly learned to read, although slaves were prohibited from doing so. He fought back against a cruel slave-breaker and finally escaped to New Bedford, Massachusetts, in 1838 at about the age of 21. Despite the danger of being sent back to his owner if discovered, Douglass became an agent and eloquent orator for the Massachusetts Antislavery Society. He lectured extensively in both England and the United States. As an ex-slave, his words had tremendous impact on his listeners.

990                     LBMS
Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan Hound of the Baskervilles - The most recent Baskerville, Sir Charles, was found dead and the footprints of a giant hound had been found near his body. Would the new heir of the Baskervilles meet the same dreadful fate?

1090                     LBMS
Duane, Diane So You Want to be a Wizard -Bookish and passive, 13-year-old Nita is the perfect target for the neighborhood bully. Taking refuge in her beloved public library one afternoon, Nita stumbles across an odd little book titled So You Want to Be a Wizard. Intrigued, she discovers that it is not a work of fantasy but an actual manual of spells and secrets for those brave enough to take the oath and become a wizard. Curious but hesitant, Nita decides to try a spell when she realizes that her NASA pen was stolen by the bully. 
960                       LBMS
Dumas, Alexandre The Three Musketeers - First published in 1844, Alexandre Dumas's swashbuckling epic chronicles the adventures of D'Artagnan, a gallant young nobleman who journeys to Paris in 1625 hoping to join the ranks of musketeers guarding Louis XIII. He soon finds himself fighting alongside three heroic comrades--Athos, Porthos, and Aramis--who seek to uphold the honor of the king by foiling the wicked plots of Cardinal Richelieu and the beautiful spy "Milady."
960                    WHS
Duncan, Lois Don't look Behind You - Seventeen-year-old April finds her comfortable life changed forever when death threats to her father, a witness in a federal case, force her family to go into hiding under assumed names and flee the pursuit of a hired killer.
1020                            LBMS
Duncan, Lois Who Killed my Daughter?  (Non-Fiction)- On July 16, 1989, Kaitlyn Arquette, a part-time college student and the author's daughter, was shot as she drove home in Albuquerque, N.M. She died the next day. The police department initially suspected that she had been the victim of a random shooting. The police ineptly handled developments in the case, charges Duncan, not because of incompetence, but due to laziness and stubborn adherence to the theory of the moment. Duncan's appeals to the FBI for help went unheeded. She turned to psychics, who offered leads, and to a private detective, who was ineffectual. This story is her search for her daughter's killers.    1070                     LBMS/WHS
Duncan, Lois The Twisted Window - When Brad tells Tracy that his little sister Mindy has been kidnapped by his stepfather, she promises to help him locate the child. Tracy is moved by Brad's story and defiant of the aunt and uncle she has lived with ever since her mother was stabbed to death. They find the toddler Brad is searching for, and Tracy arranges to baby-sit for Mindy, then turn her over to Brad. But the situation turns dangerous when Brad shows up with a gun, and Tracy realizes that the story he told was far from the truth. 950                         LBMS
Dygard, Thomas Backfield Package - Joe Mitchell is Hillcrest High's star quarterback. When he and his three football friends first agree to attend the same college next year and keep the backfield intact, it seems like a terrific idea to Joe. So what if the only school offering all four of them football scholarships is small and little-known Ryder State College? At least he'll get to play winning ball with his friends for four more years! But as the football season progresses, a college scout from bigleague Randolph University appears in the stands to watch Joe play.     900                           LBMS
Dygard, Thomas Forward Pass - It seems that Coach Gardner is desperate for a decent pass catcher for his Aldridge High Panthers. Otherwise, he must muddle through a dismal season with a ground game alone. Jill Winston is the surprise he comes up with--an athletic girl who has already shown that she can catch a ball from her basketball experience. Dygard takes readers carefully and convincingly through the maze of problems that the coach must maneuver to get his new star onto the field: Jill's father's objections, Jill's boyfriend's jealousy, questions about potential injury, the community's reaction, the basketball coach's reaction, and more. As expected, these problems are all worked through, and Jill is indeed the miracle player that the coach expected her to be.
940                        LBMS
Ende, Michael The Neverending Story - Shy, awkward Bastian is amazed to discover that he has become a character in the mysterious book he is reading and that he has an important mission to fulfill. 930                              LBMS
Esckilsen, Erik The Outside Groove - Seventeen-year-old Casey LaPlante thinks she wants nothing to do with race-car driving, but she begins to tire of the invisibility she feels next to her brother, Wade, a stock-car hero. Casey also faces the frustration of not being able to attend the college of her choice and pursue a career as a conservationist because her family pours so much money into Wade's racing. Casey shocks her brother and father when she announces that, with the help of her uncle Harvey, she is going to be the first female driver at the Demon's Run racetrack. Racing puts Casey on a full course of self-discovery, in which she realizes important things about herself and her family.  950             LBMS
Feasey, Steve Wereling - Fourteen-year-old Trey Laporte, having woken up one morning to the discovery that he is a werewolf, finds himself pursued by a psychopathic bloodsucker and in love with an insanely pretty girl who happens to be half vampire. (1st book)
1050                    LBMS
Feasey, Steve Blood Wolf - Trey Laporte, having learned more about his Wolfen nature, decides to stay with the pack for the safety of his loved ones, even though he longs to go home. While in London, Alexis uses her magic to track down the Necrotroph trying to infiltrate her father's organizaion, and Lucien battles against his reawakened vampire instincts. (2nd book in series) 980                               LBMS
Fletcher, Charlie Ironhand  (2nd book in series) - Having upset the balance between the warring statues of London, twelve-year-old George is confronted with new challenges as he tries to free his captured friends Edie and The Gunner from the formidable Walker and deal with the three strange veins of marble, bronze, and stone that have begun to grow out of his hand.
990                LBMS
Fox, Jonathan S. Extremely Loud and Incredibly close-Nine year old Oskar Schell's goal is to fin the lock that matches a mysterious key that belonged to his father, who died in the World Trade Center on the morning of September 11. This seemingly impossible task will bring Oskar into contact with survivors of all sorts on an exhilarating, often hilarious, and ultimately healing journey. 940/WHS
Fox, Paula The Slave Dancer - Snatched from the docks of New Orleans, 13-year-old Jessie is thrown aboard a slave ship where he is sickened by the horrible practices of the slave business. But they are nothing compared to the one final horror that Jessie will witness. Can the cruelty be stopped before it's too late?

970                      Bassett
Frank, Anne Diary of a Young Girl - A thirteen-year-old Dutch-Jewish girl records her impressions of the two years she and seven others spent hiding from the Nazis before they were discovered and taken to concentration camps. 1080                         LBMS
Frazier, Charles Cold Mountain - Cold Mountain is the tale of a wounded soldier Inman, who walks away from the ravages of the Civil War and back home to his prewar sweetheart, Ada. Inman's odyssey through the devastated landscape of the soon-to-be-defeated South interweaves with Ada's struggle to revive her father's farm, with the help of an intrepid young drifter named Ruby. 1210                    LBMS
Gaiman, Neil Stardust - In the sleepy English countryside at the dawn of the Victorian Era, life moves at a leisurely pace in the tiny town of Wall--a secluded hamlet so named for an imposing stone barrier that surrounds a fertile grassland. Armed sentries guard the sole gap in the bulwark to keep the inquisitive from wandering through, relaxing their vigil only once every nine years, when a market fair unlike any other in the world of men comes to the meadow.

970                  LBMS/ WHS
Gantos, Jack Dead End in Norvelt - In the historic town of Norvelt, Pennsylvania, twelve-year-old Jack Gantos spends the summer of 1962 grounded for various offenses until he is assigned to help an elderly neighbor with a most unusual chore involving the newly dead, molten wax, twisted promises, Girl Scout cookies, underage driving, lessons from history, typewriting, and countless bloody noses.
920                                      LBMS/ WHS/  Park
Gantos, Jack Dead End in Norvelt - In the historic town of Norvelt, Pennsylvania, twelve-year-old Jack Gantos spends the summer of 1962 grounded for various offenses until he is assigned to help an elderly neighbor with a most unusual chore involving the newly dead, molten wax, twisted promises, Girl Scout cookies, underage driving, lessons from history, typewriting, and countless bloody noses.
920                                      LBMS/ WHS/  Park
Gilstrap, John   (mature) Nathan's Run - Nathan Bailey, left in the care of a drunken, abusive uncle, ends up in a juvenile detention center where he kills a guard in self-defense and begins a life on the run, gaining the help and sympathy of a radio talk-show host and a veteran policeman.
950                   LBMS
Gordon, Roderick Tunnels - When Will Burrows and his friend Chester embark on a quest to find Will's archaeologist father, who has inexplicably disappeared, they are led to a labyrinthine world underneath London, full of sinister inhabitants with evil intentions toward "Topsoilers" like Will and his father.
990                       LBMS
Gregory, Kristiana Cleopatra VII Daughter of the Nile - While her father is in hiding after attempts on his life, twelve-year-old Cleopatra records in her diary how she fears for her own safety and hopes to survive to become Queen of Egypt some day.
920                      LBMS
Grogan, John Marley and Me (Biography)-  This companion book to Grogan's #1 "New York Times" bestseller features full-color photos of Marley and the Grogan family, copies of Marley's adoption papers, obedience school and dog sitter instructions, a letter from the author, and a reading ribbon designed to look like a dog's leash.
1050                    LBMS/ WHS
Haddix, Margaret  Don't You Dare Read This Mrs. Dunphy - Things are so bad, I feel like I'm going to explode if I don't do something...Everyone has to keep a journal in Mrs. Dunphrey's English class, but the teacher has promised she won't read any entry marked "Do not read this." It's the kind of assignment Tish Bonner, one of the girls with big hair who sit in the back row, usually wouldn't take very seriously. But right now, Tish desperately needs someone to talk to, even if it's only a notebook she doesn't dare let anyone read. As Tish's life spins out of control, the entries in her journal become more and more private...and dangerous. Is she risking everything that matters to her by putting the truth on paper? 980                 LBMS
Haddon, Mark Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime  - Fifteen-year-old Christopher Boone has Asperger's syndrome, a form of autism. He does not like to be touched, hates yellow and brown, and begins screaming when confronted with unfamiliar circumstances. Nevertheless, he has an affinity for mathematics and science and almost total recall of anything he has read, heard, or seen. Life with his father is relatively routine until Christopher finds a neighbor's dog that was killed with a garden tool. Because of his compulsion to solve puzzles and his fondness for Sherlock Holmes, Christopher sets out, against his father's objections, to find out who killed the dog, with unexpected repercussions              1180                     LBMS
Hamilton, Bethany Soul Surfer (Non-fiction) - The amazing story of the thirteen-year-old surfer girl who lost her arm in a shark attack but never lost her faith -- and of her triumphant return to competitive surfing. They say Bethany Hamilton has saltwater in her veins. How else could one explain the tremendous passion that drives her to surf? How else could one explain that nothing -- not even the loss of her arm in a horrific shark attack -- could come between her and the waves? 960                     LBMS
Harrison, Lisi Belle of the Brawl - Skye Hamilton, Charlie Deery, and Allie A. Abbott are enrolled in the exclusive Alpha Academy, where the best dancers, writers, musicians, and inventors face eliminations until there is only one left standing.
960                 LBMS
Harrison, Lisi Belle of the Brawl - Skye Hamilton, Charlie Deery, and Allie A. Abbott are enrolled in the exclusive Alpha Academy, where the best dancers, writers, musicians, and inventors face eliminations until there is only one left standing.
960                 LBMS
Heinlein, Robert Starship Troopers - Juan Rico signed up with the Federal Service on a lark, but despite the hardships and rigorous training, he finds himself determined to make it as a trooper. In boot camp he will learn how to become a soldier, but when he graduates and war comes (as it always does for soldiers), he will learn why he is a soldier. Many consider this Hugo Award winner to be Robert Heinlein's finest work, and with good reason. Forget the battle scenes and high-tech weapons (though this novel has them)--this is Heinlein at the top of his game talking people and politics.

1020                        LBMS
Hill, Will Department 19 - Jamie Carpenter, dragged into the government's secret agency, Department 19, following his mother's kidnapping, is glad to see they have the tools he needs to find her and kill the vampires that are out to get him, but unfortunately Department 19 is about to face a foe it cannot defeat.
940L                LBMS
Hillenbrand,  Laura Seabiscuit  (Nonfiction) - Name the hero who received more news coverage in 1938 than FDR, Hitler, or Mussolini. It's Seabiscuit, a Thoroughbred horse who went from last place to racing legend.  Charles Howard was a onetime bicycle repairman who introduced the automobile to the western United States and became an overnight millionaire. When he needed a trainer for his new racehorses, he hired Tom Smith, a mysterious mustang breaker from the Colorado plains. Smith urged Howard to buy Seabiscuit for a bargain-basement price, then hired as his jockey Red Pollard, a failed boxer who was blind in one eye, half-crippled, and prone to quoting passages from Ralph Waldo Emerson. Over four years, these unlikely partners survived a phenomenal run of bad fortune, conspiracy, and severe injury to transform Seabiscuit from a neurotic, pathologically indolent also-ran into an American sports icon.

990                           LBMS/ WHS
Houston, Jeanne Farewell to Manzanar (NonFiction) - During World War ll a relocation  camp called Manzanar was hastily created in the high mountain desert country of California, east of the Sierras. Its purpose was to house thousands of Japanese Amarican internees. One of the first familles to arrive was the Wakatsukis, who were ordered to leave their fishing business in Long Beach and take with them only the belongings they could carry. For Jeanne Wakatsuki, a seven-year-old child, Manzanar became a way of life in which she struggled and adapted, obsarved and grew. 1040                LBMS
Howe, James The Misfits - Four students who do not fit in at their small-town middle school decide to create a third party for the student council elections to represent all students who have ever been called names.   "Sticks and stones may break our bones, but names will break our spirit."  The narrator, Bob ("fatso"), joins with his three loser friends in the seventh grade--Joe ("faggot"), Addie ("beanpole," "know-it-all"), and Skeezie ("wop," "ree-tard")--to challenge the usual popularity-contest class elections and get kids and teachers to change.
960                          LBMS
Ingram, Scott A Football All-Pro (non-fic) - Chronicles the history of football and the rise of the National Football League, looks at football equipment, discusses the process by which young people train to become football players, describes the different positions, and examines the characteristics of a champion. Includes fact boxes and player profiles.
950              LBMS
Ingram, Scott A Football All-Pro (non-fic) - Chronicles the history of football and the rise of the National Football League, looks at football equipment, discusses the process by which young people train to become football players, describes the different positions, and examines the characteristics of a champion. Includes fact boxes and player profiles.
950              LBMS
Irving, Washington Legend of Sleepy Hollow -Set near the Dutch settlement of Tarry Town in the secluded and mysterious glen of Sleepy Hollow, Icabod Crane competes with Brom Bones for the attention of the beautiful Katrina. As Icabod heads home, he is hunted by the Headless Horseman. This creature may be the ghost of a Hessian soldier or something else altogether.  1440                       LBMS
Jackson, Shirley The Haunting of Hill House - It is the story of four seekers who arrive at a notoriously unfriendly pile called Hill House: Dr. Montague, an occult scholar looking for solid evidence of a "haunting"; Theodora, his lighthearted assistant; Eleanor, a friendless, fragile young woman well acquainted with poltergeists; and Luke, the future heir of Hill House. At first, their stay seems destined to be merely a spooky encounter with inexplicable phenomena. But Hill House is gathering its powers-and soon it will choose one of them to make its own.
990              Lbms
Jackson, Shirley The Haunting of Hill House - It is the story of four seekers who arrive at a notoriously unfriendly pile called Hill House: Dr. Montague, an occult scholar looking for solid evidence of a "haunting"; Theodora, his lighthearted assistant; Eleanor, a friendless, fragile young woman well acquainted with poltergeists; and Luke, the future heir of Hill House. At first, their stay seems destined to be merely a spooky encounter with inexplicable phenomena. But Hill House is gathering its powers-and soon it will choose one of them to make its own.
990              Lbms
Jacques, Brian Outcast of Redwall - When ferret Swartt Sixclaw and his arch enemy Sunflash the Mace swear a pledge of death upon each other, a young creature is cruelly banished from the safety of Redwall. As he grows, he seeks revenge on the people of Redwall and finds himself embroiled in a hostile battle with far-reaching consequences.
1010                         LBMS/ Bass/ Park
Jacques, Brian Rakkaty Tam - There has never been a Redwall hero quite like Rakkety Tam, the roguish Highlander squirrel who sets off for Mossflower Wood on a mercenary errand and loses his heart to the charms of Redwall Abbey. 950               LBMS
Jacques, Brian High Rhulain - The otters of Green Isle have long been enslaved to the Wildcat Riggu Felis and his catguards, who torture the otters at every opportunity. The otters trudge on, waiting for the day their savior will arrive-the prophesized High Rhulain, who will lead them in battle and a return to glory. Meanwhile, young Tiria Wildlough, an ottermaid at Redwall Abbey, pines for her chance to learn the ways of the warrior,much against the wishes of her father. But when an injured osprey arrives at the Abbey, seeking help for its wounds and carrying tales of an embattled clan of otters, young Tiria knows what she must do. . .  960                  LBMS
Jacques, Brian Long Patron - The Long Patrol--that fighting unit of perilous hares--is called out to draw off the murderous Rapscallion army, and fight them to the death if need be. And the lead sword of the Long Patrol will be taken up by the young, inexperienced hare Tammo--in one of the most ferocious battles Redwall has ever faced... 980                           LBMS
Jacques, Brian Pearls of Lutra - Tansy, a young hedgehog living at Redwall Abbey, attempts to solve the riddle of the missing pearls while at the same time the evil marten, Mad Eyes, desires them for himself.

980                    LBMS 
Junger, Sebastian The Perfect Storm (Nonfiction) - October 1991. It was "the perfect storm"--a tempest that may happen only once in a century--a nor'easter created by so rare a combination of factors that it could not possibly have been worse. Creating waves ten stories high and winds of 120 miles an hour, the storm whipped the sea to inconceivable levels few people on earth have ever witnessed. Few, except the six-man crew of the "Andrea Gail," a commercial fishing boat tragically headed toward the storm's hellish center.

1140                            LBMS
Keith,  Harold Rifles for Watie - Jeff Bussey, a Union volunteer, sees the Civil War from both sides when he is sent to spy on Stand Watie and his Confederate Cherokee raiders. 910                               LBMS
Kelly, Jamie Am I the Princess or the Frog? - Jamie is crushing on Hudson. Someone too-gross-to-be- named is crushing on Jamie. And Hudson is crushing on . . . Princess Turd of Turdsylvania (a.k.a. The Prettiest Girl in the World). Middle school may be grim, but it's no fairy tale. And crazy doesn't even begin to cover it. Jamie Kelly writes in her diary about her crush on Mr. Prince, the new student teacher at Mackerel Middle School, and she feels certain that he is the secret admirer who is sending her love poems.
1040                     Parkside
Kelly, Jamie The Problem with Here is That It's Where I'm From - Colette is friendly, fabulous, smart, totally talented, and an all-around amazing individual. She is more brilliantly diabolical than Isabella, as blindly loyal as Stinker, and even harder-to-resist than Angeline. It's enough to make Jamie throw up a little. And Jamie just can't help but wonder: Is it humanly possible for a girl to be more perfectly perfect than the most perfect girl in the world?

990                LBMS
Kelly, Jamie The Problem with Here is That It's Where I'm From - Colette is friendly, fabulous, smart, totally talented, and an all-around amazing individual. She is more brilliantly diabolical than Isabella, as blindly loyal as Stinker, and even harder-to-resist than Angeline. It's enough to make Jamie throw up a little. And Jamie just can't help but wonder: Is it humanly possible for a girl to be more perfectly perfect than the most perfect girl in the world?

990                LBMS
King, Stephen Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon - While hiking a six-mile stretch of the Appalachian Trail with her mother and brother, nine-year-old Trisha McFarland steps off the path to relieve herself and then attempts a shortcut to catch up. With this unfortunate decision, she becomes lost and alone in the Maine woods for over a week, with limited food and water and what becomes her prize possession, a personal stereo. Trisha uses the radio to follow the play of her beloved Tom Gordon, relief pitcher for the Boston Red Sox--a calming link to the civilized world and one she uses to gather courage and strength for her ordeal. 1040                      LBMS
King, Stephen Eyes of the Dragon -  Aging King Roland is murdered by his court magician, who sees to it that the king's eldest son and heir, Peter, is blamed for the crime. Peter is imprisoned and his younger brother Thomas ascends to the throne. Thomas is easily manipulated by the evil magician, and the kingdom's last hope is Peterif he can escape from prison and set things right again. 990                 LBMS
Klass, David You Don’t Know Me - John wrestles with the certainty that no one really knows him -- not in his miserable home, and certainly not at school. It's true that no one can guess his hidden thoughts, which are hilarious, razor-sharp observations about lust, love, tubas, algebra, everything. And then there's his home: his father ran off years ago, so he's being raised by his mother, who works long hours, and by her boyfriend, whom John calls "the man who is not and never will be my father." This man is his enemy, an abusive disciplinarian who seems to want to kill John and, in a horrible final confrontation, nearly succeeds. 970                            LBMS
Knowles, John Separate Peace - Gene Forrester looks back fifteen years to a World War II year in which he and his best friend Phineas were roommates in a New Hampshire boarding school. Their friendship is marred by Finny's crippling fall, an event for which Gene is responsible and one that eventually leads to tragedy.
1110                        WHS
Krakauer, Jon Into Thin Air (Nonfiction) - A bank of clouds was assembling on the not-so-distant horizon, but journalist-mountaineer Jon Krakauer, standing on the summit of Mt. Everest, saw nothing that "suggested that a murderous storm was bearing down." He was wrong. The storm, which claimed five lives and left countless more--including Krakauer's--full of guilt, would also provide the impetus for Into Thin Air, Krakauer's epic account of the May 1996 disaster. 1320                        LBMS
Lackey, Mercedes The serpent's shadow - When Apophis, the chaos snake, threatens to plunge the world into eternal darkness, siblings Carter and Sade Kane plan to use an ancient spell to destroy the snake, but first must rely on the murderous ghost of a powerful magician.
1040                  LBMS
Lackey, Mercedes Legacies - In the wake of the accident that killed her family, Spirit White is spirited away to Oakhurst Academy, a combination school and orphanage in the middle of Montana. There she learns she is a legacy - not only to the school, which her parents also attended, but to magic.

950                             LBMS
Lasky, Kathryn Beyond the Burning Time - Little Betty Paris comes down with a mysterious ailment that quickly spreads to other girls in the Puritan village of Salem. The illness cannot be cured. Are the girls possessed by the devil?

970                        LBMS
Latifa My Forbidden Face   (Biography) - Latifa, a young woman who was sixteen in 1996 when the Taliban came to power in Afghanistan, tells about her family's experiences under the repressive regime, focusing on the lives of women and girls who were abruptly denied the freedom to work, go to school, or even leave their homes without a male escort.
970                           LBMS
Law, Ingrid Savvy - Recounts the adventures of Mibs Beaumont, whose thirteenth birthday has revealed her "savvy"--a magical power unique to each member of her family--just as her father is injured in a terrible accident.
1070                             LBMS
LeGuin, Ursula Wizard of Earthsea - Ged was the greatest sorcerer in all Earthsea,  but once he was called Sparrowhawk, a reckless  youth, hungry for power and knowledge, who tampered  with long-held secrets and loosed a terrible shadow  upon the world. This is the tale of his testing,  how he mastered the mighty words of power, tamed an  ancient dragon, and crossed death's threshold to  restore the balance. 1150                             LBMS
LeGuin, Ursula Powers - A tragedy sets Gavir, a young slave, on a dangerous road to freedom and dealing with the powers he has  kept secret, including the ability to see flashes of the future.
950                                   LBMS
LeVann, Kate Things I Know About Love - Seventeen-year-old Livia Stowe travels from England to Princeton, New Jersey, to visit her brother who is studying there and to celebrate her recovery from a year-long struggle with leukemia, and while she is there she writes a blog about her experiences, which include falling in love. 940       LBMS
Lewis, C.S. The Lion, the witch and wardrobe - Four English school children find their way through the back of a wardrobe into the magic land of Narnia.
940                           LBMS
Lewis, C.S. Voyage of the Dawn Treader - Lucy and Edmond, accompanied by their cousin Eustace, sail to the magic land of Narnia, where Eustace is temporarily transformed into a green dragon because of his selfish behavior and skepticism. 970                                  LBMS
Lewis, C.S. The Horse and His Boy - A boy and a talking horse share an adventurous and dangerous journey to Narnia to warn of invading barbarians.
970                   WHS
Lewis, Michael Blind Side  (Biography) - Based on the true story of Leigh Anne and Sean Tuohy who take in a homeless teenage African-American, Michael "Big Mike" Oher. Michael has no idea who his father is and his mother is a drug addict. Michael has had little formal education and few skills to help him learn. Leigh Anne soon takes charge however, as is her nature, ensuring that the young man has every opportunity to succeed. When he expresses an interest in football, she goes all out to help him, including giving the coach a few ideas on how best to use Michael's skills. 980                      LBMS
Lord, Walter A Night to Remember (Nonfiction) - riveting account of the Titanic's fatal collision and the behavior of the passengers and crew. Some sacrificed their lives, while others fought like animals for their own survival. Wives wanted husbands to join them in lifeboats; gentlemen went to their deaths in full evening dress; and hundreds of steerage passengers, trapped below decks, sought help in vain.
950                                  LBMS
Lupica, Mike Travel Team - After he is cut from his travel basketball team--the very same team that his father once led to national prominence--twelve-year-old Danny Walker forms his own team of cast-offs that might have a shot at victory.
930                     LBMS
Lupica, Mike Heat - Pitching prodigy Michael Arroyo is on the run from social services after being banned from playing Little League baseball because rival coaches doubt he is only twelve years old and he has no parents to offer them proof.
940                           LBMS
Lupica, Mike The Batboy -  Brian is living every baseball kid's dream: he is a batboy for his hometown Major League team. Brian believes that it's the perfect thing to bring him and his big-leaguer dad closer together. And if that weren't enough, this is the season that Hank Bishop, Brian's baseball hero, returns to the Tigers for the comeback of a lifetime. The summer couldn't get much better! Until Hank Bishop starts to show his true colors, and Brian learns that sometimes life throws you a curveball.

940            LBMS
Lupica, Mike Million Dollar Throw - Eighth-grade star quarterback Nate Brodie's family is feeling the stress of the troubled economy, and Nate is frantic because his best friend Abby is going blind, so when he gets a chance to win a million dollars if he can complete a pass during the halftime of a New England Patriot's game, he is nearly overwhelmed by the pressure to succeed.  960                      Parkside
Lupica, Mike The Big Field - For Hutch, shortstop has always been home. It's where his father once played professionally, before injuries relegated him to watching games on TV instead of playing them. And it's where Hutch himself has always played and starred. 970                                             LBMS
Lupica, Mike Safe at Home - Nick Crandall feels like he doesn't belong anywhere. He doesn't fit in with his new foster parents. They don't know the first thing about sports - and he's not exactly the model student they want him to be. It's only a matter of time until they realize he's not the right kid for them. And Nick certainly doesn't belong playing varsity baseball. He's only twelve years old! His teammates want a catcher their own age. But Nick needs to prove that he belongs - to his parents, to his team, and to himself.
960              LBMS
Mahy, Margaret The Magician of Hoad - For as long as he can remember, Heriot Tarbas has been plagued with fits, headaches, dreams, and nightmares that make him feel as if a part of his very self is being torn away. His visions are only whispered about in his quiet life on the family farm. But when the King of Hoad hears word of his powers and seeks him out to be a member of the royal court, it becomes clear that Heriot has a gift, and a valuable one. 1010                         LBMS
Malamud, Bernard The Natural - Now an American baseball hero and a winner after a dark period, Roy finds the woman he thought he had lost. He is up against corrupters, seducers, and glory destroyers, and he has to win the toughest game of his life.
1060                         LBMS
McKinley, Robin Beauty - Kind Beauty grows to love the Beast at whose castle she is compelled to stay and through her love releases him from the spell which had turned him from a handsome prince into an ugly beast.
970L                        LBMS
McPherson, James Fields of Fury (NonFiction) - From the initial Confederate attack on Fort Sumter, to the devastating loss of life at Shiloh as Ulysses S. Grant led the Union to unexpected victory, to the brilliance of Stonewall Jackson's campaign at Shenandoah, to General Pickett's famous charge at Gettysburg, to the Union's triumph at Appo-mattox Court House, Fields of Fury details the war that helped shape us as a nation.  970                    LBMS
Meyer, Carolyn Where the Broken Heart Still Stands - At the age of nine, Cynthia Ann Parker was captured in an Indian raid and taken to live as a slave with the Comanche. Twenty-four years later, she is the wife of a chief and the mother of a young warrior destined to become the great chief Quanah Parker. But in 1861 Cynthia Ann Parker and her infant daughter are recaptured, and returned against their will to a white settlement. 1000                               LBMS
Meyer, Carolyn Duchessina - Young Catherine de' Medici is the sole heiress to the entire fortune of the wealthy Medici family. But her life is far from luxurious. After a childhood spent locked away behind the walls of a convent, she joins the household of the pope, where at last she can be united with her true love. But, all too soon, that love is replaced with an engagement to a boy who is cold and aloof. It soon becomes clear that Catherine will need all the cunning she can muster to command the respect she deserves as one of France's most powerful queens. 950                    LBMS
Meyer, Carolyn Where the Broken heart Still Beats - Having been taken as a child and raised by Comanche Indians, thirty-four-year-old Cynthia Ann Parker is forcibly returned to her white relatives, where she longs for her Indian life, and her only friend is her twelve-year-old cousin Lucy. 1000       LBMS
Murphy, Jim The Great Fire  (Nonfiction) - Photographs and text, along with personal accounts of actual survivors tell the story of the great fire of 1871 in Chicago.
1130                       LBMS
Nation, Kaleb Bran Hambric:  The Specter Key - Teenage mage Bran Hambric, convinced that the Farfield curse is over, discovers there is still trouble ahead when he finds a safe-deposit box left by his mother that holds a key an evil mage is willing to go to great lengths to obtain. 920                       LBMS
Nelson, Peter Left For Dead (Nonfiction)- This book recalls the sinking of the U.S.S. Indianapolis at the end of World War II, the Navy cover-up and unfair court martial of the ship's captain, and how a young boy helped the survivors set the record straight fifty-five years later 1260                          LBMS
Newman, Leslea Fat Chance - In a series of diary entries, thirteen-year-old Judi recounts her struggles to lose weight, hide her bulimia from her mother, find a boy friend, and decide on a profession.
970                               LBMS
Nix, Garth Lord Sunday - As Arthur Penhaligon seeks to find the seventh key, complete his quest to save the Kingdom to which he is heir, and learn his true identity, he discovers that he has a greater purpose than he could have imagined.
980                        LBMS
Noel, Alyson Saving Zoe - Instead of a fresh start, high school provides more grief and isolation to Echo, whose older sister died a year earlier, but insights gained from Zoe's diary--a fifteenth birthday gift from Zoe's boyfriend--about her sister's life and death, change Echo in ways she could have never expected.
1040                       LBMS
Noel, Alyson Blue Moon - Eager to learn everything she can about her new abilities as an Immortal, Ever turns to her beloved Damen to show her the way, but just as her powers are increasing, his are in decline, and as she searches for a way to save him, she finds herself with a wrenching choice to make.
1050                   WHS
Noel, Alyson Night Star - Haven still blames Ever for the death of her boyfriend Roman, no matter how hard Ever’s tried to convince her it was an accident.  Now she’s determined to take Ever down…and destroy Damen and Jude along the way.  Her first step is to tear Ever and Damen apart—and she has just the ammunition to do it.

1060                   WHS
Noel, Alyson Evermore - Since the car accident that claimed the lives of her family, sixteen-year-old Ever can see auras and hear people's thoughts, and she goes out of her way to hide from other people until she meets Damen, another psychic teenager who is hiding even more mysteries.
940                       WHS
Nolan, Han A Summer of Kings - Over the course of the summer of 1963, fourteen-year-old Esther Young discovers the passion within her when eighteen-year-old King-Roy Johnson, accused of murdering a white man in Alabama, comes to live with her family. 950L                  LBMS
O'Dell, Scott Island of the Blue Dolphins - Left alone on a beautiful but isolated island off the coast of California, a young Indian girl spends eighteen years, not only merely surviving through her enormous courage and self-reliance, but also finding a measure of happiness in her solitary life.
1000                LBMS
O'Hara, Mary My Friend Flicka - The first time that ken McLaughlin sees Flicka galloping past him on his family's Wyoming horse ranch, he knows she's the yearling he's been longing for. But Flicka comes from a long line of wild horses, and taming her will take more than Ken could ever have imagined. Soon, Ken is faced with an impossible choice: give up on his beautiful horse, or risk his life to fight for her. 960                   Hilliard
Orwell, George 1984 - Hidden away in the Record Department of the sprawling Ministry of Truth, Winston Smith skilfully rewrites the past to suit the needs of the Party. Yet he inwardly rebels against the totalitarian world he lives in, which demands absolute obedience and controls him through the all-seeing telescreens and the watchful eye of Big Brother, symbolic head of the Party. In his longing for truth and liberty, Smith begins a secret love affair with a fellow-worker Julia, but soon discovers the true price of freedom is betrayal.
1090                   LBMS
Orwell, George Animal Farm - The story begins on a quiet English farm whose dissolute human master mistreats his farm animals so badly that they eventually go against him and set up a new order under the leadership of two brilliant pigs. As in the history of the Soviet Union, their workers' paradise is steadily perverted until the animal farm becomes an even more oppressive state than its predecessor. 1370                           LBMS
Paolini, Christopher Inheritance - Long months of training and battle have brought victories and hope, but they have also brought heartbreaking loss. And still, the real battle lies ahead: they must confront Galbatorix. When they do, they will have to be strong enough to defeat him. And if they cannot, no one can. There will be no second chances.  The Rider and his dragon have come further than anyone dared to hope. But can they topple the evil king and restore justice to Alagaësia? And if so, at what cost?
1010                               LBMS
Paolini, Christopher Brisingr - Following the colossal battle against the Empire’s warriors on the Burning Plains, Eragon and his dragon, Saphira, have narrowly escaped with their lives. Still there is more at hand for the Rider and his dragon, as Eragon finds himself bound by a tangle of promises he may not be able to keep.
1050                    LBMS
Paolini, Christopher Eldest - Eragon and his dragon, Saphira, have just saved the rebel state from destruction by the mighty forces of King Galbatorix, cruel ruler of the Empire. Now Eragon must travel to Ellesmera, land of the elves, for further training in the skills of the Dragon Rider: magic and swordsmanship. Soon he is on the journey of a lifetime, his eyes open to awe-inspring new places and people, his days filled with fresh adventure. But chaos and betrayal plague him at every turn, and nothing is what it seems. Before long, Eragon doesn’t know whom he can trust.

970                 LBMS
Patron, Susan The Higher Power of Lucky - Lucky, age ten, can't wait another day. The meanness gland in her heart and the crevices full of questions in her brain make running away from Hard Pan, California (population 43), the rock-bottom only choice she has. It's all Brigitte's fault -- for wanting to go back to France. Guardians are supposed to stay put and look after girls in their care! Instead Lucky is sure that she'll be abandoned to some orphanage in Los Angeles where her beloved dog, HMS Beagle, won't be allowed.
1010                               LBMS
Patterson, James Daniel X Watch the Skies - All's quiet in the small town of Holliswood. Television sets, computers, and portable devices are aglow in every home, classroom, and store. Yet not all is perfect. Evil is lurking, just out of sight, behind the screen.  Residing in this sleepy town is a villain with more ambition than the world can withstand. Twisted beyond reason, he is dead set on throwing Holliswood into chaos and documenting the destruction of every person in it, including Daniel X.  The only person who can stop this made-for-TV tyrant, Daniel must use his extraordinary power to save the town. 1010                                LBMS
Patterson, James Daniel X  Game Over - Daniel X is one of the greatest superheroes ever to walk planet Earth. He has defeated a host of evildoers on The List of Alien Outlaws, and now he's ready to raise the stakes on his next impossible mission--by eliminating a pair of sadistic shape-shifters at the helm of a massive videogame enterprise. Their next addictive game release, Crown of Thorns V, is about to control the minds of kids all over the world! But this deadly duo also has an appetite for endangered extraterrestrials, and they plan to makeDanielthe main course of their next feast. 980                           LBMS
Paulsen, Gary A Christmas Sonata - A young boy and his mother spend Christmas 1943 with relatives in northern Minnesota while his father is fighting in the war in Europe. They take a long journey by train to a snowy land of vast frozen lakes, deep and sparkling cold, and the most magical Christmas tree the boy has ever seen. He knows this will be the last Christmas he will spend with his cousin, who is dying. The boy's uncle overhears the two cousins say there is no Santa Claus, and in a grand gesture that is nothing short of a Christmas miracle, he restores the children's faith in the spirit of the season. 1010                    LBMS
Paulsen, Gary The Haymeadow - Fourteen-year-old John Barron is asked, like his father and grandfather before him, to spend the summer taking care of their sheep in the haymeadow. Six thousand sheep. John will be alone, except for two horses, four dogs, and all those sheep. John doesn't feel up to the task, but he hopes that if he can accomplish it, he will finally please his father. But John finds that the adage "things can happen to sheep" is true when the river floods, coyotes attack, and one dog's feet get cut. Through it all he must rely on his own resourcefulness, ingenuity, and talents to survive this summer in the haymeadow. 1010             LBMS
Paulsen, Gary Hatchet - When the pilot of a small, two-person plane has a heart attack and dies, Brian has to crash land in the forest of a Canadian wilderness. He has little time to realize how alone he is, because he is so busy just trying to survive. And learning to survive, to plan on food not just for a day but untiland ifhe is rescued, only begins when he stops pitying himself and understands that no one can help him. He is on his own, without his divorced father, whom he was to visit, or his mother, whom Brian saw kissing another man before the divorce.  1020                  LBMS
Paulsen, Gary The Island - The island is in the middle of a small lake in northern Wisconsin. It is uninhabited until the summer Wilstet, who is 15, arrives. Wil is at first drawn by the simplicity of the place, but as his concentration sharpens the island unfolds its matrix of life and death, mirroring the unfolding layers of Wil's self-consciousness. He fills notebooks with watercolors and writes essays about what he sees, feels, remembers and observes within. He decides to stay, Thoreau-like, supported by his new friend Susan, even though the worldanxious parents, town bullies, and a curious pressoccasionally intrudes. His serenity finally becomes fascinating.  1050             LBMS
Paulsen, Gary Foxman - A town boy sent to live on a remote wilderness farm forms a friendship with an elderly, disfigured man who teaches him many things.
1090                     LBMS
Paulsen, Gary Brian's Winter - Instead of being rescued from a plane crash, as in the author's book Hatchet, this story portrays what would have happened to Brian had he been forced to survive a winter in the wilderness with only his survival pack and hatchet.
1140                  LBMS
Paulsen, Gary The Crossing - Thirteen-year-old Manny, a street kid fighting for survival in a Mexican border town, develops a strange friendship with an emotionally disturbed American soldier who decides to help him get across the border.
1150                     LBMS
Paulsen, Gary My life in Dog Years (Biog) - Gary Paulsen has owned dozens of unforgettable and amazing dogs, and here are his favorites--one to a chapter. Among them are Snowball, the puppy he owned as a boy in the Philippines; Ike, his mysterious hunting companion; Electric Fred and his best friend, Pig; Dirk, the grim protector; and Josh, one of the remarkable border collies working on Paulsen's ranch today.
1150         LBMS
Paulsen, Gary The River - "We want you to do it again."  These words, spoken to Brian Robeson, will change his life. Two years earlier, Brian was stranded alone in the wilderness for 54 days with nothing but a small hatchet. Yet he survived.  Now the government wants him to go back into the wilderness so that astronauts and the military can learn the survival techniques that kept Brian alive. Soon the project backfires, though, leaving Brian with a wounded partner and a long river to navigate. His only hope is to build a raft and try to transport the injured man a hundred miles downstream to a trading post--if the map he has is accurate.

1160      LBMS
Paulsen, Gary Brian's Hunt - Brian Robeson is at home in the Canadian wilderness. He has stood up to the challenge of surviving alone in the woods. He prefers being on his own in the natural world to civilization. When Brian finds a dog one night, a dog that is wounded and whimpering, he senses danger. The dog is badly hurt, and as Brian cares for it, he worries about his Cree friends who live north of his camp. His instincts tell him to head north, quickly. With his new companion at his side, and with a terrible, growing sense of unease, he sets out to learn what happened. He sets out on the hunt.  1180                 LBMS
Paulsen, Gary Caught by the Sea - Paulsen's lifelong passion for the sea began when he was seven. His mother smuggled him on a troopship, where he witnessed a gruesome, unforgettable plane crash that killed several people. Several years later, the sea called him back, this time to excitement rather than tragedy. Paulsen traces his life at sea, from buying his first sailboat to getting lost in the Pacific to encountering sharks. 1210                     LBMS
Paulsen, Gary Guts  (Biog) - The author relates incidents in his life and how they inspired parts of his books about the character, Brian Robeson.
1230                LBMS
Paulsen, Gary Soldiers Heart - Charley goes to war a boy, and returns a changed man, crippled by what he has seen.  In this captivating tale Paulsen vividly shows readers the turmoil of war through one boy's eyes and one boy's heart, and gives a voice to all the anonymous young men who fought in the Civil War.

1480               LBMS
Paulsen, Gary Winter Room - Following the turn of the seasons, eleven year old Eldon traces the daily routines of his life on a farm and his relationship with his older brother Wayne. During the winter, with little work to be done on the farm, Eldon and Wayne spend the quiet hours with their family, listening to their Uncle David's stories. But Eldon soon learns that, although he has lived on the same farm, in the same house with his uncle for eleven springs, summers, and winters, he hardly knows him.
960                 LBMS
Pratchett, Terry I Shall Wear Midnight - Tiffany, now nearly 16 years old, is forced to do battle with the hate-filled ghost of a long dead witchfinder, the Cunning Man, who has become obsessed with the young witch and is gradually turning her own community against her. As ever, Tiffany is ably supported by her loyal, intensely fractious, and totally amoral companions, the Nac Mac Feegles, whose leader, Rob Anybody, believes, "After all, ye ken, what would be the point of lyin' when you had nae done anything wrong?" She must deal with the heavy workload of a professional witch (birthing babies, training apprentices, and the like), fight evil, and come to terms with her former boyfriend's impending marriage. 1000            LBMS
Priest, Cherie Dreadnought - Civil war nurse Mercy Lynch, informed that her estranged father is dying in Seattle and wants to see her, leaves Virginia and heads to St. Louis where she boards the Union-operated steam engine "Dreadnought" for what turns out to be a harrowing journey she fears she will not survive.
990               LBMS
Prose, Francine Bullyville - After the death of his estranged father in the World Trade Center on September 11th, thirteen-year-old Bart, still struggling with feelings of guilt, sorrow and loss, wins a scholarship to the local preparatory school and encounters a vicious bully whose cruelty compounds the aftermath of the tragedy. 960          LBMS
Pullman, Philip The Amber Spyglass - Lyra and Will, the two ordinary children whose extraordinary adventures began inThe Golden Compassand continued inThe Subtle Knife,are in unspeakable danger. With help from the armored bear Iorek Byrnison and two tiny Gallivespian spies, they must journey to a gray-lit world where no living soul has ever gone. All the while, Dr. Mary Malone builds a maagnificent amber spyglass. An assassin hunts her down. And Lord Asriel, with troops of shining angels, fights his mighty rebellion, a battle of strange allies—and shocking sacrifices.

1170                     LBMS
Pullman, Philip The Golden Compass - Lyra Belaqua is content to run wild among the scholars of Jordan College, with her daemon familiar Pantalaimon always by her side. But the arrival of her fearsome uncle, Lord Asriel, draws her to the heart of a terrible struggle; a struggle born of Gobblers and stolen children, witch clans and armored bears. And as she hurtles toward danger in the cold, far North, young Lyra never suspects the shocking truth: She alone is destined to win, or to lose, this more-than-mortal battle.

900                      LBMS
Reeder, Carolyn Across the Lines - Twelve-year-old Edward never imagined life without his young companion and servant, Simon. But when the Union army arrives at the plantation, Simon "runs off" to freedom, and Edward's family flees to Petersburg. Soon Petersburg is under siege and Edward is unnerved by the constant shelling. But when desperate courage enables him to save his brother's life, Edward begins to recognize his inner strength. Meanwhile, Simon earns his keep with the Union army and realizes that freedom can be lonely. He faces loss, danger, and hostility and begins to wonder if he'll ever truly belong.

950                      LBMS
Reeve, Philip Starcross - Young Arthur Mumby, his sister Myrtle, and their mother accept an invitation to take a holiday at an up-and-coming resort in the asteroid belt, where they become involved in a dastardly plot involving spies, time travel, and mind-altering clothing. 930                  LBMS
Roberts-McKinnon, Hannah Properties of Water - When Lace's older sister, Marni, falls victim to a summer swimming accident, it paralyzes Lace in time. For Lace, there is only a before--can there be an after? But as the summer surges on, she learns that she must return to the water, the very thing that tore her family apart. This beautifully crafted novel explores the boundaries of family and friendship, the greatest griefs that knock us down, and the smallest kindnesses that guide us to safe harbors.
1000              LBMS
Rowling, J.K.  Harry Potter and order of Phoenix - In his fifth year at Hogwart's, Harry faces challenges at every turn, from the dark threat of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named and the unreliability of the government of the magical world to the rise of Ron Weasley as the keeper of the Gryffindor Quidditch Team. Along the way he learns about the strength of his friends, the fierceness of his enemies, and the meaning of sacrifice.
1150             LBMS
Ruiz Zafon, Carlos Prince of Mist - It's war time, and the Carver family decides to leave the capital where they live and move to a small coastal village where they've recently bought a home. But from the minute they cross the threshold, strange things begin to happen. In that mysterious house still lurks the spirit of Jacob, the previous owners' son, who died by drowning.  With the help of their new friend Roland, Max and Alicia Carver begin to explore the strange circumstances of that death and discover the existence of a mysterious being called the Prince of Mist--a diabolical character who has returned from the shadows to collect on a debt from the past. Soon the three friends find themselves caught up in an adventure of sunken ships and an enchanted stone garden--an adventure that will change their lives forever.

1210                       LBMS
Ruiz Zafon, Carlos Midnight Palace - When a mysterious threat reenters the lives of twins Ben and Sheere, separated as babies and reunited as teenagers in 1930s Calcutta, the siblings must confront an unspeakable terror, with the help of their secret society of fellow orphans.
950                          LBMS
Rylant, Cynthia I Had Seen Castles - John Dante is seventeen when the Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor, and he wants to fight for his country. But then he falls head over heels for Ginny Burton, who is against all war, and his beliefs are suddenly questioned. Rather than be judged a traitor or a coward, though, John enlists--a decision that changes his life forever.
950                   LBMS
Rylant, Cynthia Missing May - After the death of the beloved aunt who has raised her, twelve-year-old Summer and her uncle Ob leave their West Virginia trailer in search of the strength to go on living.
990                  LBMS
Sage, Angie Flyte - It's been a year since septimus heap discovered his real family and true calling to be a wizard. As Apprentice to Extra Ordinary Wizard Marcia Overstrand, he is learning the fine arts of Conjurations, Charms, and other Magyk, while Jenna is adapting to life as the Princess and enjoying the freedom of the Castle. But there is something sinister at work. Marcia is constantly trailed by a menacing Darke Shadow, and Septimus's brother Simon seems bent on a revenge no one understands.
950                LBMS                
Shusterman, Neal Downsiders -  When fourteen-year-old Lindsay meets Talon, who lives in the secret Downsider community that evolved in the subterranean passages of the subway built in New York in 1867, she and her new friend try to bridge the differences between their two cultures.
1030                     LBMS
Silverberg, Robert Letters from Atlantis - In the future, scientists have developed a type of time travel in which the traveler's consciousness is transferred into the mind of someone actually living in the past--a useful way to observe history first hand. Roy has been sent into the mind of the Prince of Atlantis; Lora has been sent into the mind of a provincial governor existing at the same time. The title refers to Ray's letters to Lora, written after putting the Prince's mind to sleep and using his body. When Roy begins to feel lonely and depressed, he grows careless, and the Prince soon becomes aware of Roy's presence in his mind. Roy, revealing himself fully, breaks all rules of nonintervention and possibly sullies history.  980                                      LBMS
Smith, Alexander Lockdown: Escape from Furnace - When fourteen-year-old Alex is framed for murder, he becomes an inmate in the Furnace Penitentiary, where brutal inmates and sadistic guards reign, boys who disappear in the middle of the night sometimes return weirdly altered, and escape might just be possible.
1010           LBMS
Smith, Alexander Lockdown - When fourteen-year-old Alex is framed for murder, he becomes an inmate in the Furnace Penitentiary, where brutal inmates and sadistic guards reign, boys who disappear in the middle of the night sometimes return weirdly altered, and escape might just be possible.  1030                      LBMS
Smith, Alexander Death Sentence - After his failed attempt to escape from Furnace Penitentiary, Alex struggles to survive the bloodstained laboratories beneath where monsters are manufactured, with a death sentence--or worse--hanging over his head.
1110                          LBMS
Smith, Alexander Solitary - Alex Sawyer and his friends end up in even more trouble after being caught trying to escape from Furnace Penitentiary for young offenders, and they find themselves struggling to survive solitary confinement.
960                 LBMS/ WHS
Snicket, Lemony Lemony Snicket - The elusive author provides a glimpse into his mysterious and sometimes confusing life, using fanciful letters, diary entries, and other miscellaneous documents as well as photographs and illustrations.
1010                    LBMS/ WHS
Snicket, Lemony Slippery Slope - Like bad smells, uninvited weekend guests or very old eggs, there are some things that ought to be avoided.  Snicket's saga about the charming, intelligent, and grossly unlucky Baudelaire orphans continues to alarm its distressed and suspicious fans the world over. The 10th book in this outrageous publishing effort features more than the usual dose of distressing details, such as snow gnats, an organised troupe of youngsters, an evil villain with a dastardly plan, a secret headquarters and some dangerous antics you should not try at home. 
960                      LBMS/ WHS
Sparks, Nicholas The Wedding - As his daughter's wedding looms, Wilson Lewis-son-in-law to The Notebook's Noah and Allie-decides that he must patch up his own marriage. 930                 LBMS/ WHS
Spinelli, Jerry Knots  in my Yo Yo String  (Biog) -  Jerry Spinelli has penned his early autobiography with all the warmth, humor, and drama of his best-selling fiction. From first memories through high school, including first kiss, first punch, first trip to the principal's office, and first humiliating sports experience, this is not merely an account of a highly unusual childhood. Rather, like Spinelli's fiction, its appeal lies in the accessibility and universality of his life.   1270                              LBMS/ Bass/ Park
Staples, Suzanne The House of Djinn - An unexpected death brings Shabanu's daughter, Mumtaz, and nephew, Jameel, both aged fifteen, to the forefront of an attempt to modernize Pakistan, but the teens must both sacrifice their own dreams if they are to meet family and tribal expectations.
1150               LBMS
Staples, Suzanne Shiva's Fire - From her childhood, Parvati is known in her village for the extraordinary events that seem to spring from her dancing feet, and which set her and her family apart. One day a great guru, a master of Indian classical dance, comes to see Parvati. He invites her to study with him, and she commits herself to a rigorous program of dance, study, and devotion. Then she meets a gentle-eyed boy who turns her life upside down, and she learns that destiny can be an elusive thing.

980                LBMS
Stephenson, Robert Lewis Treasure Island - Heady tale of a treasure map, a perilous sea journey across the Spanish Main, a mutiny led by the infamous Long John Silver, and a lethal scramble for buried treasure as seen through the eyes of cabin boy Jim Hawkins. An action-packed adventure story that will hypnotize young readers and entertain older ones.

940                              LBMS
Stolz, Mary Cezanne Pinto - Heady tale of a treasure map, a perilous sea journey across the Spanish Main, a mutiny led by the infamous Long John Silver, and a lethal scramble for buried treasure as seen through the eyes of cabin boy Jim Hawkins. An action-packed adventure story that will hypnotize young readers and entertain older ones.

990                                LBMS
Stowe, Harriet Beecher Uncle Tom's Cabin - Harriet Beecher Stowe was appalled by slavery, and she took one of the few options open to nineteenth century women who wanted to affect public opinion: she wrote a novel, a huge, enthralling narrative that claimed the heart, soul, and politics of pre-Civil War Americans. It is unabashed propaganda and overtly moralistic, an attempt to make whites - North and South - see slaves as mothers, fathers, and people with (Christian) souls. In a time when women might see the majority of their children die, Harriet Beecher Stowe portrays beautiful Eliza fleeing slavery to protect her son. In a time when many whites claimed slavery had "good effects" on blacks, Uncle Tom's Cabin paints pictures of three plantations, each worse than the other, where even the best plantation leaves a slave at the mercy of fate or debt. 1100                 LBMS
Tademy, Lalita Cane River - Beginning with Tademy's great-great-great-great grandmother Elisabeth, this is a family saga that sweeps from the early days of slavery through the Civil War into a pre-Civil Rights South--a unique & moving slice of America's past that will resonate with readers for generations to come.
1020                       LBMS
Tan, Amy The Joy Luck Club - In 1949 four Chinese women-drawn together by the shadow of their past-begin meeting in San Francisco to play mah jong, invest in stocks, eat dim sum, and "say" stories. They call their gathering the Joy Luck Club. Nearly forty years later, one of the members has died, and her daughter has come to take her place, only to learn of her mother's lifelong wish-and the tragic way in which it has come true.

930    WHS
Thomas, Rob  (mature) Rats Saw God - Originally published in 1996, this groundbreaking novel is reissued. In hopes of graduating, Steve York agrees to complete a hundred-page writing assignment which helps him to sort out his relationship with his famous astronaut father and the events that changed him from promising student to troubled teen. 1050                    LBMS/ WHS
Tolkien The Hobbit -   The adventures of the well-to-do hobbit, Bilbo Baggins, who lived happily in his comfortable home until a wandering wizard granted his wish.  970                 LBMS
Turner, Megan The Thief - After Gen's bragging lands him in the king's prison, the chances of escape look slim. Then the king's scholar, the magus, needs the thief's skill for a seemingly impossible task -- to steal a hidden treasure from another land.  To the magus, Gen is just a tool. But Gen is a trickster and a survivor with a plan of his own.

970             LBMS
Twain, Mark Adventures of Tom Sawyer -  In addition to his everyday stunts (searching for buried treasure, trying to impress the adored Becky Thatcher), Tom experiences a dramatic turn of events when he witnesses a murder, runs away, and returns to attend his own funeral and testify in court. 1000              LBMS
VanCleave, Ryan Unlocked - While trying to impress a beautiful, unattainable classmate, fourteen-year-old Andy discovers that a fellow social outcast may be planning an act of school violence. 960       WHS
VanVelde,  Vivian Remembering Raquel - After Raquel is killed in a car accident, her fellow classmates, friends, and family members, as well as the woman responsible for her death, reflect on Raquel's life and how her passing has changed their own lives.
920                LBMS
Walter, Mildred Mississippi Challenge (Nonf) - A two-part chronicle of the history of African Americans in Mississippi documents the slavery, Civil War, and Reconstruction eras, as well as the civil rights movement of the 1960s, including the Freedom Summer, the murder of three civil rights workers, and more.  950               LBMS
Wharton, Edith Ethan Frome - Tragic story of wasted lives, set against a bleak New England background. A poverty-stricken New England farmer, his ailing wife and a youthful housekeeper are drawn relentlessly into a deep-rooted domestic struggle in this hauntingly grim tale of thwarted love. Considered by many to be Wharton's masterpiece.
940                 LBMS
White, Ellen Voyage on the Great Titanic - In her diary in 1912, thirteen-year-old Margaret Ann describes how she leaves her lonely life in a London orphanage to become a companion to a wealthy American woman, sails on the Titanic, and experiences its sinking.
1120                  LBMS
Wiesner, David Loathsome Dragon - A lovely princess, a brave prince, a wicked stepmother, evil enchantments, magic rowan wood, and an immense, scaly dragon. . . . Favorite fairytale elements sparkle in The Loathsome Dragon, a traditional English tale. Majestic, romantic paintings by two-time Caldecott medalist David Wiesner display the remarkable artistry and dizzying perspectives his work is known for. 1120                   WHS
Wrede, Patricia Thirteenth Child - Eff was born a thirteenth child. Her twin brother, Lan, is the seventh son of a seventh son. This means he's supposed to possess amazing talent -- and she's supposed to bring only bad things to her family and her town. Undeterred, her family moves to the frontier, where her father will be a professor of magic at a school perilously close to the magical divide that separates settlers from the beasts of the wild.
1010             LBMS
Yancy, Richard The Monstrumologist - So starts the diary of Will Henry, orphan and assistant to a doctor with a most unusual specialty: monster hunting. In the short time he has lived with the doctor, Will has grown accustomed to his late night callers and dangerous business. But when one visitor comes with the body of a young girl and the monster that was eating her, Will's world is about to change forever. The doctor has discovered a baby Anthropophagus--a headless monster that feeds through a mouth in its chest--and it signals a growing number of Anthropophagi. Now, Will and the doctor must face the horror threatenning to overtake and consume our world before it is too late.

990         Parkside
Yen Mah, Adeline Chinese Cinderella (Biography-Memoir) - A Chinese proverb says, "Falling leaves return to their roots." In Chinese Cinderella, Adeline Yen Mah returns to her roots to tell the story of her painful childhood and her ultimate triumph and courage in the face of despair. Adeline's affluent, powerful family considers her bad luck after her mother dies giving birth to her. Life does not get any easier when her father remarries. She and her siblings are subjected to the disdain of her stepmother, while her stepbrother and stepsister are spoiled. Although Adeline wins prizes at school, they are not enough to compensate for what she really yearns for -- the love and understanding of her family.

1010                 LBMS
Yolen, Jane Sword of the Rightful King - The newly crowned King Arthur has yet to win the support of the people. Merlin must do something before the king is betrayed, or murdered, or--worst of all--gets married. So Merlin creates a trick: a sword magically placed into a slab of rock that only Arthur can withdraw. Then he lets it be known that whosoever removes the blade will rule all of England, and invites any man who would dare, to try to pull out the sword.

990                LBMS
Zeleza, Tiyambe Maasai - Photographs and text describe the Maasai relationships, customs, and beliefs 980          LBMS
Zenatti, Valerie When I was a Soldier (Biography) - At a time when Israel is in the news every day and politics in the Middle East are as complex as ever before, this story of one girl's experience in the Israeli national army is both topical and fascinating. Valerie begins her story as she finishes her exams, breaks up with her boyfriend, and leaves for service with the Israeli army. Nothing has prepared her for the strict routines, grueling marches, poor food, lack of sleep and privacy, or crushing of initiative that she now faces. But this harsh life has excitement, too, such as working in a spy center near Jerusalem and listening in on Jordanian pilots. Offering a glimpse into the life of a typical Israeli teen, even as it lays bare the relentless nature of war, Valerie's story is one young readers will have a hard time forgetting.
960             LBMS
Zindel, Paul A Begonia for Miss Applebaum - Discovering that their beloved former teacher Miss Applebaum is terminally ill, fifteen-year-old Henry and his friend Zelda accompany her on her excursions to the colorful parts of New York City and join her in confronting death with quiet courage.
1010            LBMS
Zindel, Paul The Pigman and Me - Zindel's fans will find that his autobiography has much more than a little in common with his fiction: black humor abounds, and the whipcrack narration is replete with genuine teenage sarcasm. Rather than chronicle his entire life, the author has chosen to relates the events of one a single significant year in his early adolescence. After years of moving the family from one shabby apartment to the next, Zindel's unhappy and eccentric mother seemed ready to settle into the house she and Connie--another single mother--had bought. Just how much this promise of stability meant to Zindel is revealed by the intensity of the longing that lies just below his wisecracking tone.  940          LBMS