Writing Progress Monitoring                             

Developmental Spelling Assessment (DSA)

Provides Form A and Form B spelling tests for each of the 4 spelling stages. A student achieving 22/25 is ready for the next spelling stage. Error analysis on the student page identifies specific phonic weakness. (see Word Journeys, Words Their Way).

Westlake CBM grades 1-4 has spelling probes from the Scholastic list and Fall local norms developed for correct letter sequences or words spelled correctly.(see school psychologist)

Percentage of words spelled correctly in spontaneous writing can be used to monitor progress of spelling in text with interventions such as use of spelling aids (portable word wall, spell checker, synonyms), sound boxes or tapping, and phonic instruction.


Writing Fluency

Westlake CBM norms are available for beginning of grades 1-4 based on 3 minute timing of writing prompt a “A monkey climbed through a window at school and…” Timing follows a one minute reflection period on the prompt so students can organize their ideas. Number of words written is scored (no penalty for misspellings).




Word Sorts (books to align with DSA stages available on amazon.com)


Formula Writing – Teacher manuals in many classrooms by grade