First Grade
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Animal sites
Animal information

Caterpillars and butterflies
read the internet safety guidelines and then type the keywords "beginners caterpillars".

Clean Up Your World game at Funschool
In this online game the student has to collect items in a park setting and sort them into paper, plastic, glass, and cans for recycling.

Critter Craze
Learn about the basic need of animals.

Forces and Motion
Demonstrates what happens when a cart is pushed or pulled.

Frog Calls
Hear the calls of a variety of different frogs.

Michael, Michael Go Recycle
Help Michael recycle! Pick up all the litter in the park and stop all the litterbugs before time runs out!

National Geographic
information on animals

Painted Lady Butterfly Metamorphisis
A teacher tube video of a time lapse of a painted lady's metamorphisis.

Pushes and Pulls
demonstrates what happens when a cart is pushed or pulled hard or soft

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